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Christmas Cookies

Happy Saturday! Are you ready for Christmas or do you still have a few gifts to get? I hope you finish up whatever last minute to dos are on your list quickly. Have a wonderful day 🙂


Friday started out nice and easy since I got to sleep ing. My normal alarm went off at 5 but I turned it off and went back to sleep. I woke up feeling so refreshed. For breakfast, I had a glass of tea and scrambled eggs. Majority of the morning was spent hanging out and talking to my family which was fun since I don’t see them too often.


Alex and I finished the episode of “Stranger Things 2” that we started Thursday. We decided to relax at my parents house again and take it easy instead of heading into Chicago. Another low key day would be better to beat a cold than walking around the city. After the episode, we heated up leftover Thai food for lunch.


My Dad makes a few different treats this time of year, one of them being these almonds. I have no idea exactly what is on them. All I know is they’re addicting and if the container is open near me, I will snack on them nonstop. This fueled my afternoon of talking to the family.


Alex ended up having a coffee meeting so I drove him to the local Starbucks and read my book while he was talking to the client. Yes I went to his meeting with him but we sat at separate tables and pretended like we didn’t know each other. Super normal right 😉 I sipped on a chai tea latte while reading “The Last Mrs. Parrish” by Liv Constantine. This book was on my to read list for a while but my Grandma really enjoyed it so I downloaded it from the library to my Nook. I’m a third or so of the way through it so far and it’s good.

When we got home, my Mom was home from work so she mentioned wanting to bake cookies. I thought it was a great idea so while she went out for a friend’s birthday I made sure we had all the necessary ingredients.


Chef Dad hooked us up with a yummy taco dinner. He is a huge spice fan so we have a full cabinet plus more of different spices. One of those is a fajita seasoning that is so dang good! It’s the perfect amount of spice without being overwhelming and if we didn’t have a Costco size container of taco seasoning in our apartment, I would buy a pound of this spice. We had a full spread of rice, refried beans, black beans and all the fixings for it.


Once dinner was cleaned up it was time to bake! I worked on homemade Oreos while my mom and sister made what I think would be considered butter cookies. I don’t know the exact type of cookie it is but that’s what it tasted like. Years ago, my sister was really into baking and got a Wilton cookie press for a gift. We had never used it until last night and it made the little trees so cute and nice.

After lots of baking plus some Jeopardy episodes, Alex and I watched one more episode of “Stranger Things 2” then headed to bed. It was a fun and relaxing day. Plus baking Christmas cookies to really kick of the weekend yields no complaints from me.

Question of the day: Did you baked Christmas cookies this year?

10 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies”

  1. I love that you went to his meeting but just sat at a different table and pretended you didn’t know each other. Taco night sounds awesome, we made/decoated sugar cookies today, it was a great time.


  2. I baked some cookies for a cookie swap party last week. Yours look prettier though! Hope you have a great Christmas.


  3. I love homemade taco seasoning & that you went to his meeting, I totally would have done that, too! The only thing on my agenda today is to bake cookies! Have a great holiday.


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