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We Both Ran Today

Hi friends! I hope you’re checking in feeling a little more well rested today than yesterday. It’s currently snowing here in New Jersey but I’m hoping it stops soon. They’re claiming only about 3 inches so fingers crossed that’s all we get! Have a great day πŸ™‚


When my alarm went off yesterday morning, I wanted to pretend I didn’t hear it and sleep the day away. Unfortunately a job doesn’t really lend itself to that. I dragged myself out of bed and got ready before breakfast. Not surprising, I had eggs and a muffin. Even though I was dragging, I didn’t make it to work more than 5 minutes late. I call that a win.


During my lunch break, I finished Daphne du Maurier’sΒ My Cousin Rachel. The book was good. Towards the end it makes you think about what Rachel is really trying to accomplish with Philip (the narrator). Now I need to get my hands on a copy of the movie since I want to see how it all plays out on screen.


After work, I headed home to change and run. It was only 5 miles but 4 of it was speed so it felt hard during. Although the endorphins after were awesome. Alex got home from work while I was doing my circuits and got ready for a run. He’s using the app Couch to 5k to get into a more healthy lifestyle. So we both started the week with a good workout which is always nice.


Once I was showered and in pjs, I prepped some veggies for dinner. While broccoli and potatoes roasted, I made lunch for work and then got out the George Foreman to grill Italian sausage. By the time it was all done, I was ready to dig in! It all tasted really yummy.


While Alex cleaned up from dinner, I started on a new book. I forget what blog I first saw The Knockoff on but it seemed like a good break from my typical thrillers that I read. It’s the story of a magazine editor, Imogen Tate, who comes back to work and finds that a lot of the staff has been replaced with younger employees. With the internet and social media being used, Imogen has trouble finding her role in the magazine. I read for a while before heading to bed.

Question of the day: Do you and your SO workout together?

18 thoughts on “We Both Ran Today”

  1. hope the snow isn’t too much for you today. we are only going to get a trace to one inch today… I’ll take that.


    1. 1 inch is barely snow at this point in winter to me haha. I think we’re getting about 3 inches which is nothing. It’s coming just in time too since last weeks snow is mostly melted (minus the giant piles for snow plows).


  2. Those look like fantastic reads! My husband and I used to workout together quite a bit. Now we walk our dogs together most of the time!


  3. So cool to run/work out with a SO!

    Currently SO-less, but I’m really more of a lone runner. I’ve done it with SO’s over the years, but I tend to gravitate to the oneness of a run. Plus, I dated a few marathon runners whose times and distances were too rich for my blood, so I didn’t want to slow them down, lol.

    As for this storm? I don’t even wanna . . .

    I want summer.


    1. We don’t run together haha. Well we did once on Thanksgiving for a turkey trot but that’s it. I want to do some hikes and stuff once it warms up with him though!

      I think it stopped snowing here and luckily only got a few inches. Fingers crossed that 3 storms in 2 weeks will cover us until next winter…

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  4. I get more motivation when my husband is out running with me (or even at the same time) too! Speaking of seeing books, was it your book where I saw “Before the Fall” about a plane crash? If so, I’m totally hooked.


  5. Love that you and Alex are working out together. My husband and I don’t work out together but we do run together. We actually trained and ran our marathon together.


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