Allison’s Bacherlorette Party Weekend Recap

Hello friends! As I said yesterday, I’m checking in today with a recap of the bachelorette party I was at this past weekend. Allison is Alex’s brother’s fiance and it was so sweet of her to include me in the weekend.



I went to work per my usual routine on Friday. Well usual minus the bowl of frosting and 2 dozen cupcakes that ended up coming with me to sit in the office fridge all day lol. Once 4 pm rolled around, I grabbed my cupcakes, double checked the address and headed out. Her maid of honor found a house on Airbnb for the weekend that would fit everyone. It’s actually the house the groom, groomsmen and their dates are staying at the night before the wedding in Stockton, New Jersey. The drive was super easy and there was no traffic so I arrived right around 5 pm. A few other girls were there so we hung up some decorations and chatted while everyone arrived.


Since people were all coming at different times and from different places, the agenda for the night was pretty low key. Honestly I was not upset about that at all. We ended up ordering pizza in and hanging out while having some adult beverages, snacks, desserts and chatting. I was absolutely exhausted and ended up heading to bed around 11. Well I went up to bed but tossed and turned until about 2:30 am.



My original plan was to wake up and run but honestly I didn’t sleep well the night before so I just hung out in bed for a while before heading downstairs. The first activity for the day once we were all up and had breakfast was a hike. We went to Baldpate Mountain to hike. The weather was a tad chilly but we all warmed up pretty quick on the hike. I started my watch a little late but ended up hiking around 3 miles. The view at the highest point we made it to was gorgeous.


Since there was so much food we opted to head back to the house to munch of leftover pizza and appetizers while hanging out. I had a few pieces of pepperoni, cheese and crackers before deciding to get my run in. The house was in a pretty rural area which was nice since I didn’t have to worry about cars at all. My schedule called for 4-6 recovery miles and I told myself I just had to get out for at least 15 minutes. Between the hike, not eating my normal foods and low water intake I wasn’t sure what to expect. Minus the fact that it was a pretty hilly area I felt great. When I say hilly, I’m pretty sure I would’ve walked up one part faster than I was running. I had to stop twice on the steepest hill because I actually thought I might die.


After my run, I stretched and foam rolled before hopping in the shower. Once out, I got ready for the night out. With 14 girls, it takes a while to get everyone moving haha. While we were waiting for everyone, we sipped on cocktails and had fun in the little photobooth set up that was there. Once everyone was ready, we piled into cars and headed out.

We had a dinner reservation in New Hope, Pennsylvania at a restaurant called Havana. There was a band playing. One of the girls told security when they came around to tables to wristband everyone who was 21+ that we were celebrating a bachelorette party. The band kept calling Allison’s name to make sure she was dancing and getting everyone else in the place to cheer for her. For dinner, I got black beans, rice and chicken. Honestly it wasn’t that good and I thought it could’ve used a lot more spice to it.

The rest of the night was spent sipping on drinks and dancing the night away. At midnight, the band ended and a dj started playing music. That’s when I realized I’m the least hip 22 year old around because I didn’t even know the songs playing. This one rap kept playing and I may or may not have texted my 17 year old brother about it. While that was happening there was also a middle aged women twerking so the atmosphere between a band and dj is SO different.

Around 1 we headed back to the house. I was tired so I got ready for bed. I think some people stayed up but I can’t be positive since I fell asleep within minutes of crawling under the covers.



I set my alarm early for 6:30 and then a few starting at 7. Mostly because I wanted to be able to shower before everyone else got up and needed to use the bathrooms. It was a great idea because I was able to take my time getting ready before packing up my car and cleaning the house. Allison’s sister made everyone shirts that we all wore to brunch which was cute. We got brunch at Cock N’ Bull in Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania which was such a cute restaurant. The food was amazing too. Honestly I would go back to the brunch for the crumb cake alone.

Once brunch was over, we took a group picture in our shirts before all departing. I was so happy to be home on Sunday to be able to just lounge around and do nothing. It was a great weekend with lots of fun and laughs. Thank you Allison for including me! If the weekend is any indication of how the wedding will go, with all of the fun the girls had it will be a great time.

31 thoughts on “Allison’s Bacherlorette Party Weekend Recap”

  1. sounds like fun even if the food at the restaurant was just “ok” I hate paying for food and then not liking it.


  2. So fun!!!! I am probably the least hip 28 year old in the word if that makes you feel better- totally am not in sync with today’s top hits!!!


      1. That’s actually a really good strategy for getting alone time! I always need that too when I’m with a group


      2. I’m an extroverted introvert in the sense that I like being in groups but once I’m tired I need my own space. So running was amazing for that this past weekend with a house full of girls!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. That crumb cake… yum. It looks so good! I’m glad you had a fun weekend! I totally would have been there with you on not knowing the songs and not feeling very hip, haha! Funny story: Jimmy and I were teaching kids at our church and one of the kids “dabbed” (I guess it’s like a motion?) and I was like what? And the kid was like “Dab!” and they all had to explain it to me. I still don’t get it LOL.


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