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Suprise Flowers

Hello friends! How are you doing today? Saturdays might be my favorite day of the week to be honest. No idea why but I think they are. After a weird week I’m ready to relax this weekend. I’m grabbing brunch today but otherwise my agenda is wide open. I’m totally okay with it to. Whatever you have on your agenda, I hope it’s great. Have a great day 🙂


I woke up very groggy on Friday morning. I ended up sleeping pretty poorly but luckily it was a Friday so a sweatshirt was completely acceptable to wear in the office. After I ate my usual breakfast, I headed out the door. When I was stopped at a light, I glanced over and saw the sun just starting to rise through the trees. It helped perk me up a bit on the drive.


During lunch, I started The Girl Before by JP Delaney. Its the story of two women, Emma and Jane, who at different periods rent the same apartment. The landlord has a peculiar set of rules too. I’m starting to gather a few things about the story line that are getting really interesting. Since I don’t want to ruin the plot (I’m only about 80 pages in) I’ll report back on the storyline once I get a little farther in!


After work, I headed out on a 5 mile recovery run. I kept the pace nice and easy which was perfect after a 6 mile tempo run on Thursday night. When I got home, I had a surprise waiting for me. Alex stopped at a florist on his way back from the train station and got me some flowers! It was super sweet and definitely kicked the weekend off on a high note.


Once I was all showered and in pjs, I started dinner. Cutting up some broccoli to roast and got rice ready on the stove. I used a buffalo style marinade on chicken and Alex grilled it. Y’all the marinade was so good that I was tempted to buy more online immediately. It was spicy without being over the top.

We watched another episode of Billions while we ate. We are quickly making our way through the show but it’s so good! When the episode ended, I grabbed my book to read more.

Question of the day: What’s the last little surprise you had?

6 thoughts on “Suprise Flowers”

  1. sounds like a good way to wrap up a day. I love getting flowers for no reason so much better than getting them for the expected reasons. hope you are having a bit of sunshine on your weekend


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