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All About Bailey

Happy hump day! I don’t know why but this week is kicking my butt a bit. I’ve been exhausted every day and just not feeling my best. The good news is my grandparents are in town tonight so Alex and I are meeting them for dinner. I can’t wait to see them! Have a great day 🙂

Today’s post is going to be all about Bailey! It’ll cover everything from how we found her, bringing her home, training and adjusting. Alex has had dogs his entire life but I haven’t. This is all new to me and I’m loving it. My phone is already full of pictures and I can’t imagine how it’ll be once it’s a human baby.

How We Found Her And Deciding On A Breed


Alex and I knew we wanted a dog that would eventually be a good family dog and okay with kids. We had a few breeds in mind but a lab seemed like the best option once we did more research on them all. We looked at a few websites that gathered information about dogs in shelters near us as well as different breeders. Alex came across the website Greenfield Puppies. Greenfield allows you to search based on the breed you want and the state you live in.

We searched for a black Labrador retriever in New Jersey and there were none. We tried Pennsylvania since it’s so close and we were okay with driving. A few black lab puppies came up and we decided to get Arnold a male black lab (Bailey is a girl so keep reading for that story). We called the breeder who said Arnold was available and we decided on coming last Friday to meet Arnold and his mom.

Prepping For A Puppy

Alex and I had a list of things we would need for a puppy. We headed to petco and target to grab everything. Walking through the aisles we kept looking at things we thought a boy puppy would love. In our basket we added some blue toys and a hunter green leash and collar. It felt really good to have everything in advance. We had a crate, leash, collar, toys, training treats, bowls and a clicker to help train her. Since we didn’t know what food the breeder was using, we held off on buying that. The only thing we needed was our puppy!

Picking Bailey Up

Friday afternoon, I left work a few hour early (thank you early out hours!) went home to  gather a few things we knew we would need right away – the leash, collar and some treats just to entice any dog to like us right away. We made the 2 hour drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and pulled up to the house. It was actually in a super pretty country side which was awesome. For those that don’t know, Lancaster has a large Amish population and the breeder ended up being Amish.

We walked to where the dogs were and saw a fairly large black dog. Alex and I must have looked confused because one of the kids told us it was the mom. Alex and I both admitted later on that we thought the mom was Arnold and was extremely big for a 14 week old puppy. Well the mom could not have been sweeter. She came up to us and let us pet her with no issue which was a good sign. We see the only two puppies and they were yellow labs. The father/breeder, Ben, came to meet us and we asked about Arnold. There was a mix up with the website and Arnold was actually a yellow lab. There was still a black lab available but it was a female named Ava. Ben was extremely apologetic and said multiple times that he hoped we didn’t think he was trying to trick us or be deceiving.

One of the kids went and got the black lab. Ava was a little confused at first and a tad shy but so open to Alex and I touching and petting her. The two of us talked about whether we were okay with a female or male dog. It kept going back to Ava though so she quickly became ours. Something about her just screamed that she would be our dog.

To drive home, we brought an old towel that would be in her crate. Alex set our puppy into the towel which was in my lap. I kept petting her on the way home and she was so nervous. She was shaking and her little heart was beating so fast! It was so sad but cute too. Alex and I talked about what we wanted to name her and ended up on Bailey. For a while Toots was having a strong run since she kept farting on the drive home. It was nonstop lol.

The First 24 Hours


When we got home Bailey was very nervous and unsure. She was incredibly timid and Alex and I were starting to think we made the wrong choice. We just reminded ourselves that we took her away from the only home she’s ever known plus she was probably missing her mom. Bailey was fairly okay with walking around our apartment but kept coming back to us. Poor girl always wanted to be right on top of us. It was cute but we could tell she was nervous.

She was so nervous she didn’t eat or drink anything when we first got her home. I don’t even know if she went to the bathroom that night. We put her in the crate when we went to bed and she was so good! There was no whining at all. She just kind of curled up and went to sleep. Bailey did wake us up with whining around 3 am so she could go to the bathroom. Otherwise she slept (or was awake but didn’t bother us) which was really surprising to us. Everything we read and what Alex has experienced said it would be a lot more whining and whimpering at first. Her crate is actually in our bedroom so maybe sensing that we were right there helped that. Honestly, I can’t be sure but it’s a thought I have on it.

The next morning she opened up a little more in front of Alex while I was on my long run. He was texting me updates and I was getting so excited! Slowly she came out of her shell which was making us happy. She still hadn’t eaten so we were trying to figure out how to get her to eat. Alex decided to try a tiny bit of peanut butter on his finger since his parents dog love it. Turns out our Bailey likes it to. He added just the tiniest bit to her food bowl and she ate everything. Woohoo! It meant we didn’t have to return a dog that didn’t eat.

Meeting Other Dogs

Both Alex’s parents and his brother and fiancé own two dogs each. Living so close to them we knew we would have to introduce them all to Bailey. We started with his parents golden retrievers since they’re older and female. Unfortunately we made the mistake of having Bailey outside so the dogs ran out to her. They scared her a bit but she did good. Two unknown large dogs running towards you would be scary for any pup. After a few minutes she was okay and even did a little sniffing of them which made us proud.

Sunday morning, Tucker invited us for a walk in this open property in town for all the dogs to meet. Tucker and Allison has a male yellow lab and a female mutt (mutt because we really don’t know what the breeds in it are) that was a rescue. Unfortunately meeting them didn’t go as planned at first. The dogs were all in leashes but Bailey got scared, peed herself and hid under Alex’s car. Luckily the other dogs lost interest and wanted to play fetch so she got much more brave. She even ran around with them a bit.


Yes I did put a blanket on her for this picture 🙂

Since we just got her and there’s an adjustment for her to get used to our work schedules, training hasn’t really started. Bailey is learning her name a little more each day but that’s about it. She did learn stairs quickly though which is amazing! We live on the second floor so every time we go outside she has to go up and down the stairs. As much as we thought about before getting a dog, stairs was not one of them. Having her be able to go up and down without being carried is amazing. Although sometimes she will stop on her way down to take a break and sit on the steps.

House breaking is going about as well as one could expect. She has peed inside 5 times now but that’s honestly Alex and I’s fault. Once we both left the living room for a second and she took the chance to relieve herself. Thus far no popping inside and no accidents in her crate. We’re still learning her signs for going to the bathroom so it’s a learning process for every party involved.

Starting on Saturday, we slowly added the puppy food I bought to her bowl. In order to not disrupt her digestive system, we started with mostly the food she was used to and added just a little of what we will be feeding her. She had no issues so we increased what we gave her and decreased what Ben used. Slowly we’re changing it all up. She gets about 1/8 cup of her old food and 3/8 cup of our food currently when we feed her. Eventually we’ll get to 1/2 cup of our food for each feeding.


Overall Bailey is the sweetest pup. Watching her attempt to catch the tennis ball inside is hysterical. She hasn’t quite figured out her body yet and bumps her head on furniture a lot. When she runs up to me for cuddles me heart melts. Bailey is the perfect addition to our little family. Before we brought her home I thought I had what I needed. Boy was I wrong though. Bailey hasn’t been in our lives a full week and I can’t imagine life without her now. It’s safe to say, Alex and I are now obsessed dog parents.

Question of the day: Any puppy tips we should know?

35 thoughts on “All About Bailey”

  1. one of the biggest things with training a dog is to remember that she is training you as much as you are training her. Look at getting natures miracle for cleaning up the messes, it helps remove the smell so she doesn’t start to associate the house with her pee smell. (dog typically won’t pee or poop where they sleep, it’s more instinct than training). There is a great green apple spray if she starts chewing things you don’t want her to chew. Lots of love and patience and you’ll have memories for years to come


    1. That’s a great reminder to keep in mind that’s she’s training us too. Definitely a learning curve for all of us! I forget the name of the cleaner we got for accidents but so far it’s worked. I knew she wouldn’t pee or poop in her crate since that’s where she sleeps. We’re starting to note that she’s more interested in chewing so I’ll have to grab that spray. Thanks for all the tips 🙂


  2. I love this story. Getting a puppy is the best thing we ever did. I think the biggest thing that helped us was going to PetSmart and taking the puppy obedience class. It helped us learn how to train her and get her to understand what we were trying to do. It was fantastic! Good luck! It’s tough for about 2 weeks but then they get the hang of the going potty thing and training.


    1. I’m beyond happy we decided to pull the trigger on a puppy. We’re definitely considering going to a class at our local Petco! Just haven’t looked into it a ton quite yet. So far she’s okay with potty training. Just hasn’t figured out that she needs to alert us when to go to the bathroom.


  3. Aw so much fun! Sounds like you are already doing better than we did with Makena.. we got up in the middle of the night with her for 7 months!! We signed up for some training that really helped!


    1. For 7 months?! That’s crazy! So far we’ve been pretty lucky but who knows. She could always decide the middle of the night is the best time to go to the bathroom lol. We definitely need to look into training classes more.


  4. I’ve never had a dog, but seriously, please post all the puppy pictures all the time. My apartment does not allow pets so I have to live vicariously.


  5. She is so sweet! We had a lab for years and years and she was great with the babies. With our lab it was important for her to have toys she was allowed to chew, which kept her away from things she was not allowed to chew.


  6. She’s just SO adorable! Those eyes!! We had a nine-week old black lab puppy before and she was such a handful, lol. I think that was a little young to get a puppy because she destroyed everything! Hopefully yours being a little older will be less of a chewer, lol. 😉


    1. She has the cutest little face!! Alex and I say that we’re sad we missed out on her really little weeks but then say since she’s older it’s probably a little better for us. Ours is the opposite! She loves to chew, especially on her hind legs. Luckily we’re getting her to the vet today to check that out on top of the usual visit haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I have so much to write!! Ha!
    The biggest thing with the house training is consistency….and not letting her out of your sight for a minute! Only scold if you catch her in the act…then grab her and quickly bring her outside. Praise her like crazy for going outside.
    It’s great she doesn’t whine in the crate!
    You may want to be careful about letting her around other dogs before she gets all of her shots…that’s what we were told! You never know what other dogs are carrying.
    Can’t wait to see her grow!


    1. We were very annoyed with ourselves when we let her out of our sight. Definitely learned out lesson on that one!! Bailey gets a treat and loves of praise when she goes outside.
      We never even thought about what other dogs are carrying!! Ah that’s scary to think! Good thing we are going to the vet tonight to get all of that taken care of!
      I want her to get bigger so we don’t have to worry about accidents but I also want her to be little forever so…that’s tough lol.


  8. Thanks for sharing more about Bailey!!! You’re doing a great job!! I agree with everything everyone has mentioned! Good job on gradually adjusting her food- this will prevent tummy troubles.

    I tried really hard to have a set routine with Shelbie. She went outside every 20-30 minutes to potty, especially after waking up from naps, eating meals, or engaging in rigorous activity. We did walks in our backyard a lot to get used to the leash before practicing going up and down our street. I kept training to 10 minutes increments since she had a short attention span being a pup and all. I also had Shelbie checked out by the vet right after we adopted her to make sure everything looked good. We did this with Stetson as well and found out he had worms! To save money, I would ask your vet if they have rebate coupons for medications or generic brands. I don’t know if you have Sam’s Club/Costco where you are but it was actually cheaper to get medications there for our dogs. Buying them through the vet can be costly but of course necessary 🙂

    Happy Tails!


    1. Of course! She’s a big part of life now since she’s being trained and what not so obviously I want to share all about her.

      We’re still figuring out the best way to work on going to the bathroom since some days Alex and I are both gone for hours and other days Alex works from home. Always first thing in the morning, after eating, anytime we get home if she’s been in the crate, and before bed. She has this little walk that we used to think was because she had to go to the bathroom but now we think that’s just how she walks and sniffs. A little frustrating but what can you do! That’s crazy Stetson had worms! We took her to the vet and everything looked good except one ear had a lot of wax in it. Otherwise she was okay which was great to hear! I’ve been wanting a Costco membership forever so I think Bailey may be the push we need to get it. Dog food is apparently way cheaper there and it’s good to know medication is cheaper there too!

      Thanks for all the advice Shannon ❤


    1. It’s okay! It was very confusing and one time I almost called her by the boy name we had decided on lol.
      It was awful at the time but I just kept laughing. Toots would’ve been a funny name to have to explain to people though.


  9. Love, love, love this! I’m so happy you and Alex ended up with Bailey! It sounds like she is just right for you two! I’m sure she will come out of her she’ll as time goes on! I can’t wait to keep reading more about her 🙂


  10. Sorry but I have to ask – why a breeder??? There are SO many animals waiting to be adopted into a good home and many die because people go to breeders for a puppy. No true animal lover would do this! Any reason you have for going to a breeder is selfish, in my opinion. How do you justify this to yourself?


    1. Hi Hayley,

      We looked into animal shelters near us and there were not suitable dogs for us based on our needs and wants in the area. There was a local rescue that we had been in contact with but it did not work out for a few reasons. This breeder was not a puppy farm if that is what you are thinking. They were a family who had the mother as their pet. It was her first litter. We had nothing against a rescue dog at all! We started our search there actually and looked for weeks with different sites and shelters/rescues. Upon going to pick her up, Alex and I had a conversation in the car about certain conditions of the house we went to. If the conditions were unsatisfactory then we were not going to take a dog from their. I’m sorry if our choice upset you and I completely understand why you may never want to go to a breeder. If/when we go to get another dog in a few years, we will start out search again at shelters and rescues.


      1. I understand it was not a puppy mill and that the conditions were very good – that’s sort of my point. There are lots of dogs at shelters and pounds that DON’T live in good conditions, or may face euthanasia, and you didn’t adopt one of them who really needs a home. We face overpopulation and there are millions of abandoned pets out there. Saying that only one from a breeder would suit your “wants and needs” is not only untrue but selfish. You may have to keep your eyes out a little longer or expand your search radius across your state or something if you want a specific breed, but there’s no way you couldn’t have found the perfect dog for you in a shelter or pound and saved it from a sad life. I’m not the only one who thinks this way! Most animal lovers would tell you they would not to go to a breeder. You can get the 101 on it here:
        I also think it’s just a weird thing for humans to force animals to mate and then profit off their young, it’s a weird “playing God” thing that I can’t really get my head around.

        Bailey is clearly a total sweetheart and you obviously have her forever now, which is great. But please consider adopting next time.


      2. Hayley, when I say we looked into adopting I kid you not we looked for weeks!! Literally since our landlord said we could have a pet since we were renewing our lease, we were online looking at available pets in shelters. We were in contact with rescues and did phone screens and what not with them. With that said we live in an apartment complex that has restrictions on breeds so that knocked some of the ones we liked from shelters out right away. That was something completely out of our control unfortunately due to regulations we have no control over.

        As I said, it wasn’t a puppy mill and I 100% see where you are coming from. We definitely have nothing against adoption and will look into it again if/when we consider getting another dog. At that point too we won’t live in an apartment so breeds won’t be an issue.


      3. The mental gymnastics you’re doing to convince yourself you were really FORCED to go to a breeder is impressive.


  11. Please be careful about taking her to public places and having her around any other dogs until she is fully vaccinated. Even after her last shot, you have to wait so many days until it is effective. She is a beautiful puppy!


    1. We’ve been very careful with dogs we don’t know! All of the dogs she has really had long term interaction with has been with dogs that Alex’s family members own so we know all of their vaccinations and shots are up to date. We live in an apartment complex so some interaction with other dogs there is inevitable. Since she got her last shot from the vet a week ago, it was days until she was around other dogs, minus in passing at the apartment. Luckily she’s still a tad hesitant with dogs she doesn’t know so Bailey isn’t running up to them. I’m biased but I agree that she is beautiful 🙂


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