Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XV

Happy Fri-yay! I’m pretty excited for this week since the weather is supposed to be nice and I’m definitely ignoring that there’s a chance of rain this weekend. Slowly my allergies/cold/whatever the heck hit me have gone away so fingers crossed I don’t sit on the couch all weekend either.

I’m sharing a few things that I’ve been obsessed with this week today. Tell me something that you’ve been obsessed with this week down in the comments. Have a great day 🙂

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream


I bought a tiny trial size of this cream in March of 2017 to bring with me to Europe and loved it. Then I bought a big tube when I got home and just kind of forgot about it. When Alex and I were cleaning our bedroom a few weeks ago, I discovered the almost empty full size tube and said I should just finish it since I bought it. Since starting back up with it I have no idea why I stopped using it in the first place. It’s so good! It’s a medium to full coverage cream that is light on the skin. The product lasts all day on my skin and has held up fairly well to lots of nose blowing too.

Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight


Since Alex asked me to read The Fountainhead, I wasn’t really enjoying reading. Not that there was anything wrong with the book! It just hadn’t grabbed my attention like my typical books do. To get back into reading, I took a break from The Fountainhead and found this one in my stash of books to read. It has me hooked!

The story follows Molly who had a stillborn child and moved to the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband and their young daughter. She is working as a reporter for the local paper and gets a call from her boss one morning saying a body has been found near the outskirts of the towns prestigious university. When Molly gets to the crime scene, she finds out the body belongs to a small baby girl. The story follows Molly trying to deal with the emotional distress of covering a topic that caused her to get depressed while a few other characters have some plot lines in the book as well.

Chats With Dad

I was talking to my Dad last night about a few things and I kind of forget how nice calls to the family are. Don’t take this as we never talk, our family group message is used at least once of day! Sometimes though, it’s easier to just text my Dad instead of calling him since he travels for work and I never know if he’s traveling or even what timezone he’s in haha. When we were talking last night it made me so excited for our trip to Chicago that’s coming up.

Last Minute Ice Cream Date


It was over 90 degrees in New Jersey yesterday. Yes you read that correctly – 90 degrees in May! After dinner, Alex suggested a family trip to the ice cream place in town. You don’t have to twist my arm for that 😉 We leashed up Bailey and drove over. There were a decent amount of people and Bailey was too busy sniffing to try and lay down or sit while we ate so we brought the ice cream home. It was fun to just randomly go out and get something sweet on a hot night. I got Fly Fishing Fudge which was vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks, M&Ms, cookie dough pieces and chocolate swirls in it. I picked the name on a whim but it was delicious! Alex got Mint on Maine which was mint chocolate chip and oh so tasty too.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?


23 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XV”

  1. I just started using that same CC cream! it’s so amazing- and it’s somewhat natural too:) I only wear CC cream/ any kind of coverage when I have important meetings or social events where I have to look kind of nice, and this stuff is so easy AND looks like I made WAY more of an effort than I actually do…


  2. It cosmetics are so good! I love their eyeliner 🙂
    It was 90 degrees here too yesterday!! I’m not ready for the summer heat!


    1. I haven’t tried their eyeliner but I’ll have to check it out!
      The heat came out of nowhere! Hopefully it calms down a bit so some spring like weather stays for a bit.


  3. Shay was just saying yesterday we need ice cream in our house because it was hot too! I love how Bailey got to go too!!!! That book looks good but quite intense! I’ve started a summer list and am adding it to the list!


    1. Hahah I honestly don’t buy ice cream since we don’t eat it a ton. But going out for a fun little treat 🙂 I really enjoyed the book and think you should definitely add it to your list for the summer!


  4. Amazing weather should always equal ice cream dates!! I’m looking forward to our trip to Italy on Sunday!


  5. Oh that ice cream sounds good!! I’ve been obsessed with my jean jacket this week- it’s been the perfect layering piece for work this week:$


      1. Lol I cannot bring myself to wear a jean jacket when I’m wearing jeans, even though I know tons of people do. I usually wear it over a dress, skirt or khakis


  6. I love random ice cream dates! They are the best, especially as you said, on hot nights. Joshua and I did that a few times last summer, and I’m looking forward to it this summer as well. It’s just so fun when it’s a last minute adventure! 🙂


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