Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XVI

Hello and happy Friday! How are you all doing today? It’s Friday so I’m feeling pretty good myself. The past week has been pretty good but there’s nothing like the weekend.

I’m kicking off the last few hours of work by sharing a few items I’ve been obsessed with this week. Have a great Friday 🙂

The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes


If you saw yesterday’s post then you probably aren’t surprised that this showed up on the list this week! The novel is about a painting that was done by a French artist of his wife, Sophie. She brings the painting from Paris to her hometown in France during World War I. The town ends up being occupied by Germans. Fast forward to 2006 and a widow, Liv, has the painting in her house. The artist’s family wants the painting back and goes through an organization that specializes in the requisition of stolen or lost works of art.

One of the biggest reasons that I liked this story is because I feel like you mostly hear about stolen works of art form World War II but it happened during WWI as well. Historical fiction is a genre that I love and when the story is interwoven between two time periods I can’t get enough. Jojo Moyes is also the author of Me Before You so if you enjoyed that popular book then I recommend checking this one out as well!



A week or so ago, I noticed strawberries were on sale at the grocery store so I picked them up just hoping they would be ripe. I have no idea when strawberry season is but I think it’s now because the berries I’ve been buying are delicious! For a midmorning snack at work, I’ve been cutting up a few strawberries and putting them in a container.

Spring Plants

Pink Tree At Tamarron

I have no idea what type of tree this is to be honest but I love the pop of pink it adds to everything! These trees are all over our apartment complex which makes walks and runs fun. It’s not just these trees though, when I drive I see other flowers blooming. It’s been putting a big smile on my face because it means spring is officially here!

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

22 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XVI”

  1. I don’t know what tree is that either but looks absolutely beautiful. Here in South Florida we don’t evidence much the change of seasons, so Spring has only been the opportunity for the weather to get warmer and warmer.

    My new obsession are my new jeans from American Eagle. Definitely.


    1. I can’t imagine living somewhere with no seasons! But that’s probably because I grew up in Chicago where you can experience all four seasons in a day lol.

      American Eagle has the cutest jeans but they don’t fit my body type. I’m jealous you can wear them!


  2. I totally agree with loving spring plants! There is a purple plant I’ve been seeing lately that John claims is a weed (it probably is lol). Every time he sees it he points it out to me now. Honestly I just love all of these purple and pink flowers!


  3. seeing the flowers and trees blooming after the winter we had is always a nice treat. hope you enjoy your weekend


  4. I thought of you! My roommate’s daughter bought white sheets that were actually gray. Accordingly, she struggled to reassemble the original packaging with haphazard success so she could return the product “untouched.”
    I said, “Hey, I follow a blogger who is a packaging engineer! She must be pretty intelligent to design all of these methods of packaging and transporting of product that we humans can never ever replicate!”


    Also, ditto on the spring plants. After work yesterday, I strolled to the beach. On the way home, my nose and eyes were absolutely tantalized by the blossoming array of color.


    1. Omg that’s too funny!! I actually hate sheets packaging lol and always get nervous I’ll have a problem with them since then I’ll have to fight the package to get them back in. Whoever thought of that design is so smart but I kind of hate them haha.

      I want to go to the beach so badly! If it wasn’t going to be raining tomorrow then I would suggest going to the shore for a late afternoon outing and dinner. Spring plants are just so vibrant and fun after a grey winter!


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