Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XVII

Happy Friday! It’s going to be a wet weekend here in New Jersey but I honestly don’t mind. I feel like it’ll force me to get things done. Hopefully the sun will be shining near you though!

I want to share a few items that I’ve been obsessed with this week. Let me know something you’ve been obsessed with too.

The Script

I’ve been a fan of The Script for years and just adore their music. This past week I’ve been listening to all of their albums on shuffle. It’s soft enough that I don’t focus on it while I’m working but at the same time it’s not instrumental music and has a nice beat. One of my favorites has been Superheros. All of their music is good though and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t.

up & up Micellar Cleansing Water

up & up micellar cleansing water

Now that the weather is warming up, I want to take care of my skin a little extra. Running in the heat leads to more sweating which mixes in with the sunscreen I put on my face. Since I don’t want all that junk stuck in my skin, I’ve been using this micellar cleansing water from Up & Up that I picked up at Target. This stuff works! I haven’t had a pimple at all since I started using it. I remove my makeup and use my normal cleanser before drying my face. After shaking the bottle up, I put the product on a cotton ball and wipe all over my face. It gets any residual oil, dirt and makeup off without drying my skin. For under $5 you can’t beat it to make it feel like your face is fully clean.

Fresh Basil

Basil Plant

I’m happy to report that the basil plant I bought a few weeks ago is going strong. Not only is it still alive but it’s grown, woohoo! I’ve been adding it to as many dishes as possible recently. Dried basil is good but fresh is just next level. I may start cutting the leaves off the plant and save them to try homemade pesto. Have you ever done that? On one hand, I don’t want to cut off too many leaves that the plant dies but on the other hand fresh pesto sounds amazing.



I’ll bet someone that my parents are shocked that I’m saying I’ve been obsessed with bananas this week. For as long as I can remember, I never hate bananas because, and I quote, “the texture freaked me out”. Well my taste buds have changed you guys because I now like bananas. Mom and Dad that’s probably the little quake you felt 😉 I noticed that I prefer when they’re a little brown, slightly mushier and they seem sweeter to me too.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?y

26 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XVII”

    1. I think you should try it out! For less than $5 you really can’t go wrong with it. Sometimes I will run it over my face if I’m not wearing makeup but feel a little gross. It’s refreshing!


  1. that face water stuff sounds perfect. it reminds me a lot of toner, but healthier. Oh and your tastes do change as you age that is why more kids are pickier than adults. Quite often if you try things as an adult that you didn’t like as a child there is a chance you will like it as an adult. from my understanding kids taste buds are more sensitive and therefore things taste stronger to them than adults. But for me… I still don’t like bananas unless they are in banana bread or a smoothie or something with additional flavors

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    1. It’s fairly clean I believe which is nice. Overall I just find it helps refresh my skin and doesn’t dry it out. Interesting about the taste buds! I guess it makes sense that a child’s taste bud would be more sensitive. Don’t get me wrong, most of the bananas I buy end up in the freezer lol. No joke probably have about 10 in a bag for smoothies.

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  2. Always am I searching for new music…thank you for the recommendation!

    I laughed when I read the banana part. I could not eat tomatoes until I was like 18. If a tomato so much as touched my tongue, I would gag from the metallic taste. Then, one day my boyfriend (at the time) made a salad with avocado and organic cherry tomatoes. I ate a tomato, and I could taste its pure sumptuousness without gagging! Life was never the same 🙂

    This week, I am obsessed with sunset walks and “The Tudors” wormhole I fell down…the costumes! The dancing! The scandals!


    1. The Script are awesome and I hope you like them!

      Tomatoes are still a huge no for me. I still pick them out of anything or ask for meals without them. Glad you enjoy them though 🙂

      Sunset walks sound amazing. Enjoy them since we’re having some grey weather around here. I haven’t heard of The Tudors so I’ll need to check that out.


  3. That cleansing water looks so intriguing!! I really want to try this. I’ve been obsessed with frozen sweet potato fries (alexia). They are so good with red pepper hummus which is another obsession!


    1. I used to be in love with red pepper hummus and then I tried Sabra’s supremely spicy hummus and I can’t go back lol. The brand Alexia has so many fans, I should pick up a bag of their fries to see what the hype is about!


      1. Do itt!!!! they are really good- i cook mine a little longer than the time listed on the bag because I like crispy fries!


  4. I love making pesto but also really like just having fresh herbs to use in dishes!
    I’ve been obsessed with popcorn this week- just can’t get enough!


  5. That micellar water stuff sounds awesome! I think I’ll try it out. I’ve been proud of myself for being on a great face routine so it’d be nice to add this.

    Brown bananas are definitely the best, especially when you’re adding the bananas to something else! I hope you have a great weekend even with this terrible weather!


    1. I think you’ll enjoy it! It’s a pretty light feeling but it’s also moisturizing in my opinion. Plus it’s so cheap so you don’t lose much by trying it out!

      I always let bananas go brown before throwing them in the freezer for smoothies haha. Now I let them brown to eat and put in the freezer lol. Enjoy your day! I hope the weather clears up a bit for you 🙂


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