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Decent Running Weather

Hi friends! How is your week so far? Mine started off fairly well because it was hot but not boiling or humid which was perfect for my speed workout. Have a great day 🙂


When my alarm went off yesterday morning, I was wide awake and ready to start the day. I absolutely love when that happens and for it to happen on a Monday is even better. For breakfast, I scrambled eggs and had an oatmeal muffin.


After work, I fed Bailey before heading out on my run. Even though it was hot, there was no humidity that I could feel so it made for a pretty great run. Once my mile warmup was complete, I had two 10 minute intervals at 7:50-8:00 pace with a 3 minute walking recovery in between. While hard, the weather didn’t make it impossible which I needed after the last few weeks. I ended the day at just about 4.75 miles which was perfect to start the week off with.


For dinner, I wasn’t that hungry so I grabbed some leftover black beans and put them in a quesadilla. Of course later I was still hungry so I took the two leftover meatballs that we had and heated those up. An interesting combination for sure but what can you do haha. You can’t always have a perfectly in balance meal where each part goes with the other.


I downloaded a new book that is fairly new so I was pretty surprised it was available to borrow on my Nook. The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen has an interesting summary online. It’s a novel where you assume you are reading about an ex-wife who is jealous of her replacement but you shouldn’t assume anything. Since I was reading in bed, I didn’t get too far into it but based on the prologue I think I’ll really enjoy this one.

P.S Make sure you check out yesterday’s post.

Question of the day: How is the weather by you?

19 thoughts on “Decent Running Weather”

  1. sounds like had a good day. glad the weather is cooperating. we had beautiful weather yesterday and today is rainy. your lunch sounds like the way I make lunch typically… a bit of this a bit of that.


  2. The humidity is crazy here in Boston. It’s been at 60-80% for days on days. I’m actually planning to spend the weekend in New Hampshire in part because I feel like it’ll be a little less humid up there!


  3. We had a cloudy long weekend, but of course it turned super sunny last night for the work week🙄
    I’ve heard good things about that book so can’t wait to hear your thoughts:)


  4. Yay for good runs without humidity!!!! I love when that happens. The weather down here is so gloomy and humid. We’re currently facing 80% humidity. So, if I want to have a decent run I might just go to the treadmill.


  5. Yummy quesadillas!!! I love black beans in anything!! Ooh that book looks intriguing and quite scandalous. Adding it to my list! The weather here in Fort Worth is hot and hotter. We had some unexpected rain on Sunday which was nice but the temperature is back up to where it was!


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