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Reading, Reuniting and Running

Hi everyone! Today is my Friday at work since I have the day off tomorrow and my fingers are crossed the day goes by fairly quickly so I can head out. Have a great day πŸ™‚


I woke up and cuddled with Bailey for a little bit before getting ready for work. When I had finished breakfast, I looked at my phone and say Alex had landed woohoo! To say heading to work took will power it definitely did. But you do what you gotta do.


During lunch at work, I busted out my Nook to read. I don’t really know how to describe the plot of this book because I haven’t finished it yet and don’t want to create spoilers. What I will say is I’m really enjoying The Wife Between Us. A brief synopsis that is taken from the book’s description is that you will assume the book is about a jealous ex-wife who finds out her ex-husband is engaged to someone else. If this book is one your to read list, I highly recommend you pick it up.

When I got home from work, Alex and I hung out for a bit and caught up. I heard all about the work conference he had been at while I filled him in on the past few days with Bailey. We leashed Bailey up and went for a walk around our complex since it was pretty nice out.


We had crockpot chicken planned but the more we talked, the more we felt like it made sense to freeze the chicken for next week since we’re leaving town for the weekend and order takeout instead. So a short bit later, we had our cheesesteaks and fries delivered to us. It was quite tasty but man they loaded mine with hot sauce haha. I think it may have been the hottest one because it got to me by the end of the sandwich. Still delicious though!


While I was doing a bunch of stuff after dinner, I started to get stressed. Does anyone else get that way before heading out of town? Even though it was 8 pm, I decided to get dressed for a run and go. The sun was starting to set towards the end of my 3 miles but I felt so good once I got back. Moving my recovery run up a day was just what I needed. 3 miles at a 10:19 pace. Also I promise it was not pitch black when I was running haha. The flash went off on my camera and it made the background black.

Once I was showered and in pjs, I cut myself a brownie and read a bit more. After a few chapters, we decided to head to bed and watch an episode of The Office.

Question of the day: Are you going away for Memorial Day weekend?

30 thoughts on “Reading, Reuniting and Running”

  1. I used to have to run in the dark all the time when I worked crazy hours; as long as you’re in an area you know and wearing something reflective you’re all good!! I’m headed up to New Hampshire for the long weekend. So excited:)


    1. Unfortunately the sidewalks by us aren’t lit super well since they’re farther away from the road. Luckily where we live is safe and I have an alarm type GPS safety system that I wear all the time. I definitely need something reflective though!! Enjoy New Hampshire Kerri πŸ™‚


  2. I often stress out before we travel, but that could be because I’m usually ticking off the long list of to do’s for the boys, the dog and myself. Have a great trip


  3. It must have been so great to see Alex πŸ™‚ Also, those 3 miles looked like very relaxing time for yourself. Back when I was doing my MBA I loved going for late night runs, they felt so relaxing and decompressing.

    I’m staying home during this memorial day weekend. My parents in law are out traveling and we just got back from our honeymoon, so we figured it will be nice to stay home.


    1. It was fantastic! Granted he was only gone 3 days but he was on the West Coast so with the time change we barely talked. I can definitely see myself going for some more night runs. It was so relaxing!

      I don’t love traveling back to back so staying home should be very relaxing for you.

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  4. Yummy yummy sandwich!!! I miss my evening runs…I tend to be a total klutz and trip over myself. I have a head light and shoe lights but haven’t put them to use yet :/
    we are going out of town to the lake! my husband’s family has a lakehouse so we are going for some R&R!


  5. I don’t get stressed when I pack. I blast the music and pour a glass of wine! The only time, I ever got stressed was when I prepared for a semester in India….because there was so much to pack and I had no idea what I would be able to find in the country! My excessive efforts ended up being quite warranted.

    This weekend, my family is visiting me in route to a wedding. Although bf and I are not going to the wedding…we will be spending the night in Monterey! I am excited for the overnight adventure πŸ™‚

    It seemed like the run soothed you! Good for you for listening to your body. I hope today passes at a light speed and you enjoy your weekend adventure!


    1. It wasn’t even though packing that was stressing me out! I think I just built up in my head the amount of things I was going to have to do that it just stressed me out. Which makes no sense but whatever.

      Overnight adventures are so much fun! I Hope you and your boyfriend have a great time πŸ™‚


  6. I know what you mean about getting stressed before going away! I was like that just before we left for vacation. I feel like there’s so much to think about and get ready and prepare, then I always get annoyed at myself for getting stressed over a vacation, haha. Such is life! I am going to look up that book now. Also, I am craving brownies now!


  7. Great job on going for a run to deal with your nerves. I’m always anxious until I get to where I’m going. Looking forward to hearing about your getaway:)


  8. I always love your book recommendations! Also, I don’t even eat meat but those cheesesteaks look ridiculously delicious!!!! I may have to have a bite if I ever find one of those in front of me. Also, I also get stressed before heading out of town especially when I work the day right before, but always relax once on the plane or in the car. You are not alone, gf! And aren’t night runs the best?! Just love um!


    1. I need to post some more recommendations and books I want to read this summer! If you ever come to Philly/New Jersey/New York City I’ll bring you somewhere that has cheesesteaks just so you can have a bite πŸ˜‰ Once we were out the door I was good but man did I feel like there were 295432985 things that had to get done. The night run felt amazing!

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      1. Teheh- I was not clear at all- it was a two way street lol! The other day I had a thread with someone about Portland Maine and halfway through I forgot and thought we were talking about the Portland Oregon…. bahah, definitely embarrassed myself with that one since we had CLEARLY been talking about Maine!


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