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I Almost Screamed

Hi friends! The sun ended up coming out yesterday which did wonders for my mood Getting some Vitamin D on a Monday is good for the soul. A doctor somewhere probably agrees with me on it too 😉 Monday started off on a slightly startling note so let’s just get into it shall we? Have a great day!


I bet you thought you would see a picture of my typical breakfast but surprise! After a routine morning I went to work and when I turned the little cubicle wall to my desk I saw something near the garbage can. When I saw I almost screamed, I wish that was a joke. I’m not a bug person and at first I thought it was a cockroach but after my heart stopped racing I realized it was just a beetle. Since bugs and I do not get along, I just took the garbage can that I share with the person next to move and moved it over the bug. Out of sight, out of mind was the motto for the day…


The rest of work was pretty calm and no more surprises which is always a good time. When I got home, I changed into my running clothes and headed out the door. The humidity finally went down so it was actually enjoyable to run outside without dying. After 3 miles and some strides, Bailey and I leashed up to go for a walk. Home girl did not feel like walking far though… We’re working on it though!


Once we were all cleaned up and in pjs (after an emergency grocery store run) it was time for dinner. We heated up leftover Thai from Saturday night. I had the rest of my Pad Sew and a little bit of the Pad Thai that they originally thought I ordered. I wasn’t a huge fan of whatever sauce was on the Pad Thai to be honest with you and probably wouldn’t order it in the future.


After dinner, I FaceTimed my friend Sarah and then settled in on the couch with Alex to finish The King’s Speech. My sweet tooth was screaming so I grabbed a blondie that I made Sunday to eat during the last little bit of the movie. It was really good! Colin Firth was amazing and I can understand why he one an Oscar for his role at King George VI. When the movie ended, I got ready and headed off to bed.

Question of the day: Are you a bug person?

30 thoughts on “I Almost Screamed”

  1. I spent every summer during college living in the woods of maine as a camp counselor, so I have become pretty zen about bugs. I HATE bees, though, and will do just about anything not to get stung!! and I am jealous your humidity dropped. Ours is LEGIT at 95% right now and I had to cut my attempt at a 5-miler short this morning because my body was just NOT feeling it!!


    1. I can deal with “normal” bugs like moths and flys but this beetle was a big heck no for me! Bees are awful and I hate them! Oh man that’s rough. Hopefully the humidity drops for you soon!! I think ours dropped since it rained a fair amount over the weekend. Better to listen to your body than to push through it!! One short run won’t kill your training.


  2. I’m starving. I need to stop reading your posts when I’m hungry. I’m definitely not a bug person. We get these weird bugs called house centipedes. They have a million legs and are super fast. They freak me out.


  3. after living in FL I’m ok with bugs. I can’t tell you how many times I had to kill some kind of bug in my classrooms (we had pest people take care of the house) I need to set up a pest service here, we’ve had a few creepy crawlies in the house here.


  4. I am not a bug, insect, or arachnoid person! Or cockroach! You would think after living in tropical places I would be?
    But, that blondie looks absolutely delicious. What is the definition of a blondie? A white brownie? A cookie/brownie?

    I saw “The King’s Speach” with my parents. Even my Dad loved it! He is…picky!


    1. If it’s a “normal” bug like a gnat or fly then I’m okay but once it gets past the usual ones I lose it lol.
      To be honest I think a blondie is something that doesn’t have cocoa powder in it? I used a recipe from Joy Food Sunshine that I recommend and she called it a blondie 🙂

      Such a good movie! I remember my mom raved about it when it first came out but finally got around to watching it. Now I understand why she hyped it up.


  5. That blondie looks so yummy! And I hate bugs too, especially spiders. I once had a bug land on me after falling from the ceiling… while I was showering!! Not ok!!


  6. Ooooo girl, if I saw that beetle I’d have a hard time focusing! Not fun! Sounds like you kept it together pretty well though haha. Oh my goodness that blondie still looks amazing. I need to make those soon!


  7. Eek to the bug! Jimmy has designated me as the bug killer in our home, which I think is kind of funny. He gets freaked out about spiders!

    Too cute Bailey didn’t want to walk far in the heat. I wish Mavis would be like that. Chicka can walk and walk and walk and not get tired haha.


    1. Oh man you are one brave lady! I can’t with certain bugs. Alex was gone at an out of town work conference and there was a spider coming down from our ceiling. It fell on the ground and I freaked. Bailey thought I was nuts!

      I don’t think it was the heat with her. She’s just not that good with walks right now. It’s a work in progress though!


  8. I think I’ve conditioned myself to be a bug person. I don’t mind squashing them/catching them. I’ve had some close encounters with a roach you probably wouldn’t want to hear about!

    I love the King’s Speech! One of my favorite Colin Firth movies


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