Summer 2018 Bucket List

Hey, hi, hello! We’re halfway through the week and I hope you’re having a good week. Honestly Wednesdays always put me in the best mood. Maybe because it’s halfway to the weekend and Alex usually works from home so I have things to look forward to. Wednesdays may be my favorite day of the work week as well.

Since the summer season has “officially” started with Memorial Day last week, I thought it would be fun to share a few items that are on my summer bucket list for 2018. Some of them are super simple and things I’ll most likely due but could just fall to the back burner (I’m looking at your farmer’s market) but other’s are a bit more fun and involved. Here are a few items on my summer bucket list!

Wine On Balcony

Go to a winery

Go to the farmers market


Spend the day at the beach

Make homemade pesto

Spend the day at the pool

Find a cute town nearby to explore

Throwback to our Christmas NYC date

Date in New York City

Get back to double digit long runs

Go to a concert

Have a rainy day movie marathon

Question of the day: What’s one thing on your summer bucket list?

31 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Bucket List”

  1. I love your list! It gives me some ideas for myself to do this summer. I always find myself searching for things to do. One thing on my summer bucket list is to take at least one day trip with John to somewhere we’ve never explored. We’re driving distance to the Jersey Shore so I’m thinking we’ll probably pick a shore town 🙂


      1. The minor league team in town used to have a deal where you could buy a pitcher and reuse it all season. It was like $10 to fill it. Then they figured out that it was illegal haha.


  2. Well currently wishing for summers to go away because it’s burning in India. Although a movie marathon especially of all Harry Potter series is always in my list.
    I like your ideas.


  3. Love this list!! I’ve made pesto in the past and it is surprisingly easy! One thing is that pine nuts can be expensive, so if you see them on sale, get them!! My goal this summer is to read lots of books & prepare for baby’s arrival!


  4. One thing? Hmmm . . .
    Being a father-in-law (T-minus one month)
    Spending a few days in Woodstock in July
    Running 8.75 miles just once (It’s a third of a marathon, lol)

    Okay, that’s more than one. Sorry(less).

    You guys are such a beautiful couple. Enjoy your summer!


    1. Hiking would be fun! Enjoy being a father-in-law, that’s really exciting. I never thought of running that far as a third of a marathon. Not a bad goal to have!

      Thank you so much 🙂 I hope you have a great day and summer!

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      1. Well the half marathon might be TOO much . . not sure. I run 3-5 miles. Sometimes it’s three with time being a goal and sometimes it’s four or five with just running it being the goal.
        The third marathon . . I am excited about it. And who knows, if all goes well . . I could always set a half marathon as my next goal.
        The thing is to enjoy the running, and I really do.
        Thank you Maureen! And right back atcha!


    1. Now I just need a good rain storm to make that one happen! Of course it means all the storms will probably be during the week when we’re at work. But we’ll just have to wait and see for that one!


  5. hmm haven’t thought about it.
    -getting to the gym more with the boys- then use their pool (incentive to get us all to workout?)
    -movies? need to see Solo not sure what else
    -ummm yeah my list isn’t very god


    1. You guys should do a swimming race or something! It would help you workout but also be kind of fun. There’s still time to make a list and I’m sure you’ll think of some other items for it. Plus summer just barely started!


  6. Love it! I also really want to make pesto now. We have some travel coming up that I am looking forward to and I have a reading challenge I need to get started on.


  7. This post was so much fun! You gave me a bunch of ideas for things I want to do this summer! How close are you to NYC?! I love that you can pop in for a date! I think it’s like 7 hours from Pittsburgh, haha. You totally made me want to go to a Farmer’s Market, too!


    1. Oh good!! It’s about an hour train ride to NYC from where we live in Princeton. That’s if it’s an express train so there’s less stops but still not bad even if it’s not express. I’m waiting for a few more items to be in season before I stop over to the farmers market near us.

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  8. Heehee I just wrote summer bucket lists with my class today:). One of my items was to run and exercise every day! I miss being able to do that


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