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Impromptu Date Night + Costco Members

Happy Friday Eve! A part of me is shocked that it’s already Thursday but then I realize I’ve had a semi busy week so far so it totally makes sense. June is basically a marathon month over here so it makes sense this week is flying by for us.

Yesterday had a few fun items take place. I hope you had something fun happen yesterday as well! Have a great day 🙂


Wednesday started out pretty normal. Wake up, lay in bed a bit, take Bailey out and feed her before getting ready for work. Breakfast should come as no surprise that it was eggs and a muffin. I’ve been eating this combination since January or February so it’s probably a miracle I’m not sick of them yet.


Alex was working from home because a technician was coming to look at our refrigerator. Last week, water that was supposed to be going to the ice maker decided to flood our fridge and freezer instead… It was just as much fun to clean up as it sounds. As I was getting ready to head home to eat lunch with him, he called to say abort mission since the technician was almost there. So I grabbed my Nook and read during work instead. I finished The Lucky Ones and really liked it. Check back tomorrow for a bit more in depth review on it.

Costco Membership Card

After work was when the fun really got started. Last week I saw that Groupon had a Costco membership deal going on, (and still is available here if you are interested!). For the price of the lower membership ($60), you got a $20 Costco gift card. I finally bit the bullet and bought it so headed there to redeem it. While redeeming it, I ended up paying the difference and upgrading to the higher membership to get some rebate bonuses on it. Plus if we don’t use it then I can return for the lower and get my money back. Gotta love Costco’s return policy! The timing couldn’t have been better either since we needed some toilet paper and paper towels so I could grab those, plus a few other random things, while there. Y’all…having this membership will be dangerous for me!! I was walking around the store going “Oh this looks good” and “We will definitely need to try that”.

Fried Pickles From Harvest Moon

When I was walking out of the store, Alex called and asked if I wanted to meet him for dinner in New Brunswick since he was meeting a client there for drinks. We went back and forth on going out or just having burgers at home but decided an impromptu date night was the better option. We actually went back to Harvest Moon. Any longtime readers may recognize this restaurant since it’s where we had our first date. If you want a good laugh I highly recommend reading about our first date. It’s almost a miracle Alex and I are still dating after that disaster lol. Obviously we had to start with some fried pickles.

Hanger Steak From Harvest Moon

There was actually a 3 course meal that was the same price as the entree I was thinking about getting so I ended up getting that. It started with a ceasar salad that had toasted sunflower seeds on it. I wasn’t sure about that when I saw it on the menu but it ended up being really good. For dinner, I ordered the hanger steak which came with pepperjack whipped potatoes, broccoli, and some sort of spicy sauce on the bottom of the plate. So good!! The spices were perfect on everything. Alex and I both commented that Harvest Moon always nails presentation for the entrees. Alex ordered a pork chop and he ate the entire thing. I think just some sauce remained on his plate.

Creme Brulee From Harvest Moon

We were both a tad tired and kind of wanted to just bring dessert back home with us but they can’t make creme brulee to go. Not a big deal so we split the dish. Personally, I think creme brulee can be hit or miss depending on the crust on top but this was the perfect layer of it. After we all but licked the plate clean, we headed home. We played with Bailey a bit before heading to bed after a wonderful date.

Question of the day: If you have a Costco membership, what’s one thing we have to try?

Bonus question: Do you have a chocolate ice cream recipe that does not require an ice cream maker? We’re going to Alex’s coworkers house for dinner and his young daughter asked for chocolate ice cream as dessert. Help!

24 thoughts on “Impromptu Date Night + Costco Members”

  1. Isn’t Costco the best?! I love going there just for the samples..and the produce…and the bakery! So good!
    Looks like such a fun date night..your first date story always cracks me up!


    1. Girl I have always liked Costco! I even went with my mom over Memorial Day when we were visiting haha. It’s going to be dangerous when we make big Costco trips.

      The story of our first date is hilarious. I laugh every single time I read it or we tell people about it.


  2. I have a membership to the new england version of costco (BJ’s) and I love it. It has the BEST priced for health foods; i get all my nuts, protein powders, and granola bars there. Enjoy!!


  3. I don’t belong to Costco but I do belong to Sam’s and BJ’s. Both are amazing and I love buying things in bulk because they’re cheaper and I’m not running to the store every time I run out of something! As for the ice cream, I remember making ice cream using coffee cans and ice as the ice cream maker as a kid! Try looking up recipes or DIY’s using cans and ice!


    1. I can’t wait to start buying things we eat all the time in bulk. Then we won’t have to stock up when it’s on sale. No joke I will buy 4 bags of pretzels when they are on sale to save money. I look crazy haha.

      Thanks for the ice cream tip!! I’m totally going to Google that to see what I can find.


  4. We have a Costco membership here. One thing that we have been picking up there is their rotisserie chicken salad. They have it in the meat area. That with their semolina bread… too yummy!


  5. yea!!! welcome to Costco!!! We buy big rawhide bones for our dogs there! Also, they sell the BEST dog beds. Happy shopping 🙂

    I think the pioneer woman has some ice cream recipes that don’t require a machine. She has a good vanilla and strawberry recipe but I’m sure the chocolate one is similar- just add melted chocolate chips or cocoa or syrup!


    1. We bought a dog bed for Bailey yesterday!! She’s obsessed haha. She didn’t even want to get up to let me cut the tag off of it.

      Thank you!! I’m determined to find a recipe since we (maybe mistakenly) told Alex’s coworker/friend that his older daughter can pick. We should have known a 4 year old would pick something I don’t know how to make haha.


  6. the fresh fruits and vegetables are always cheaper and they also have great frozen blends. the natural nut butters are also cheaper than elsewhere and yummy. so many great bargains and the food choices are getting healthier every time we go.


    1. I can’t wait to buy frozen fruit there for smoothies! I’m sick of hunting for deals at the grocery store that never really seem that good. From the walking around I did, my store seemed to have a lot of natural/organic/healthy options which is nice.


  7. Ahhh ok you may have sold me on the Costco membership! Going to check this out ASAP- thanks for sharing this awesome info. Also, those fried pickles- HEART EYES. Is there anything better? I can’t wait to read about your first date. Woohoo!


    1. I love my membership hahahh. Full disclosure I’ve only gone once but even when I was checking price of items we buy a lot, we’ll save a good amount of dollars over time by buying in bulk. There’s nothing better than fried pickles!! You’ll love that story hahah. Hope you enjoy that post from a few months ago 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhh ok I need to pull the trigger on it. We are such creatures of habit and love buying stuff in bulk- so I’m sure this will save us a ton.

        LOLLLLLL– Okkk that story was the BEST. I read it and cracked up through the whole post. I especially love that you guys stayed together after all that, and it’s special that you reflect on it so humorously. Gosh, you two are too cute! Hope your weekend is off to a great start, Maureen!


      2. I’m all about saving when I can and I’ve already noticed that we’ve saved a dollar here and there with Costco! Also gas was crazy cheap there compared to other places by us.

        Isn’t it insane how that happened on our first date? Lol sometimes we can’t believe we’re still dating based on that. Have a great weekend girl 🙂

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  8. I know what you mean about being surprised you’re not sick of a repeat breakfast! I’ve been eating oatmeal for breakfast for what feels like forever and I haven’t gotten too sick of it! Funny how that works!

    I’m not a Costco member (we do belong to Sam’s Club!) by ive heard awesome things about their prices and food!


    1. I thought when summer came, I’d want to switch to overnight oats but the urge hasn’t come. Last summer I ate overnight oats on the regular. So weird how our bodies react to food!

      I’ve heard good things about Sam’s Club too! Sam’s and Costco are so similar and I bet a lot of the items are pretty similar.

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