Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XXI

Happy Friday! How was your week? The weather was pretty good, we have a working ice maker again and there was a midweek date night. I have to say I had a good week and really hope you did too.

In Friday fashion, I’m sharing the things I’ve been obsessed with this week. Have a wonderful day!

Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate


Earlier this week, a coworker asked if I liked dark chocolate out of the blue. I said yes and she goes here have this chocolate bar because I bought dark instead of milk chocolate. When I broke a piece off, I was expecting to have the caramel be more liquid in it which I don’t love. Boy was I wrong! The caramel was hard with tiny pieces throughout the chocolate so it’s not an intense caramel flavor. It’s the perfect mix of salty, caramel and chocolate. She bought it at Walmart but it appears to be out of stock online. If there’s a Walmart near you then you should pick it up.



When we were at my parent’s house over Memorial Day, my mom and I popped into Costco to pick up some veggies for the weekend. While walking around we came across a case of Spindrift. I had been seeing it all over social media and asked my mom if she had tried it. We ended up buying the case and I brought it back to New Jersey (thanks mom 🙂 I’ve been drinking them during lunch this week as a break since I can’t drink a giant seltzer during lunch. So good!! It’s flavored with real fruit juice and it tastes fresh. Sparkling water is less carbonated than seltzer so it makes it’s easier to go down during my lunch break. The Costco pack had lemon, grapefruit and raspberry lime flavored. Grapefruit is my favorite but I like all of them a lot. Spindrift’s website has a store locator function so you can see stores that carry it near you.

The Lucky Ones


The Lucky Ones is the story of Allison. She was orphaned after her mother died and placed in foster care. A well known brain surgeon and philanthropist brought her and six other children into his home, known as The Dragon, to live with him. Allison loved her life and newfound family until she almost died one night and her great aunt took her in. Thirteen years later, Allison’s “brother” writes that their “Dad” is ill and will die soon if she wants to say goodbye. Allison is torn of leaving her past behind her or going back to find out what really happened to her on that fateful night.

Tiffany Reisz wrote a good one you guys! It hooked me in from the beginning and I was dying to figure out what happened. Reisz throws a few twists into the story that throw you off from the path you think the story will follow. It’s a quick read and I didn’t want to put it down.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

20 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XXI”

  1. I’m definitely adding that book to my list! I’ve been getting books out at my library and have been getting some that you’ve been suggesting! We seem to have similar tastes in books.
    This week I’ve been obsessed with relaxing and me-time. I start my summer job soon and it’s been a whirlwind of a year for me, so I think I’ve deserved some time to just relax 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you’ve been liking books that I’ve read. I always wonder if anyone ever reads them lol.
      Relaxation is a must after a crazy week/month/year. You definitely earned it!


  2. Adding that book to my list! That chocolate looks divine!! I love that combination of tastes- the sea salt really adds a great touch! Have a great weekend Maureen!


  3. sounds like lots of fun things to try. that chocolate sounds right up my alley, plus you got it for free which makes it taste that much better.


    1. I was honestly really surprised at how it tasted! Since it’s from Walmart it’s cheap too so I can definitely see myself picking up this bar or another from the brand in the future.


  4. Joshua recently gave me chocolate just like that and I love it!! I think it’s so delicious how the caramel is more like toffee pieces than typical gooey caramel. It just brings a whole new dimension to the chocolate. My chocolate was even dark with the sea salt as well, lol. It’s so good!


  5. I’m going to have to check out that chocolate! I don’t enjoy caramel, but Jimmy does, so I think he’d love it! I’m sure they have other flavors I’d like, too 🙂

    Something I’ve been obsessed with this week… probably peanut butter, haha! I’m really into crunchy pb lately!


    1. I’m not a big caramel person so having it in crunchy little pieces was perfect for me. There were some other flavors I believe! I can’t remember for sure, sorry.

      Peanut butter is always an obsession hehe. Although I have to say, I’m not a crunchy gal!

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  6. Oh that sparkling water looks good! I’ll have to look for it here:)
    Hmmm I’ve been enjoying my library books this week:)


      1. I hadn’t seen it before either but grabbed it for lunch and it was way too sweet, even for me and I like sweet drinks.


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