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A Surprise Baseball Game

Happy Saturday friends! Sorry for the slightly late post. Alex and I had our second date night in the past three days last night so I was tired when we got home and wanted to head to bed. Have a wonderful day 🙂

Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

Friday started off pretty good. After getting ready for the day, Alex and I realized we had time for bacon so we made some to have with our eggs for breakfast. Bacon starts any day on a good note.


At work, I started reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. It’s the story of the Richardsons who have four kids and live in a suburb of Cleveland. The story starts out with the tenant in their rental house leaving in the middle of the night and the youngest child sets the house on fire the next day. Rewind a year when the tenants moved in and somehow that leads to little fires everywhere in the house. So far so good through the first 5 chapters.


When I got home from work, I had some packages waiting for me so I tried all the dresses on while Alex had a work call. Once that was done, I made some homemade ice cream for a dinner we have tonight (hopefully it freezes well and tastes like ice cream!) before we headed into the car. Alex called me Thursday afternoon while both of us were at work, which is unusual, and he simply asked “Do we have plans Friday night?” I responded no and he said great we’re going on a date and hung up. The first stop was dinner at Hoagie Haven in Princeton. It’s one of Alex’s favorites and it hit the spot.


We got in the car and started driving to Trenton which is somewhere we never go. The entire way, I was guessing potential places and he said no to all of them. I actually guessed right though with a baseball game! The weirdest part was I had a dream that we were going to a baseball game and I never remember my dreams, it’s like we had ESP about it or something lol. Apparently a girl he went to high school with posted on Instagram that she had tickets but couldn’t go. Naturally Alex slid into her DM’s to snatch them for us haha. The Trenton Pork Rolls, formerly Trenton Thunder, is the minor league team for the Yankees. For all we know, we watched the next Derek Jeter play last night!


It ended up being absolutely beautiful for a game. The seats were basically behind home plate and we chatted while sipping on a beer as big as our head during it. Seriously, the beer was huge. The atmosphere was very kid friendly and the family behind us had two little boys that were providing us with some funny entertainment during it. Overall the game was really well until the 9th inning. It was tied 2-2 when the Erie Seawolves scored 3 points on one hit. We decided the Pork Rolls probably weren’t going to win it and headed home to bed instead.

Question of the day: Are you a baseball fan?

18 thoughts on “A Surprise Baseball Game”

  1. That’s too funny about the dream! Baseball is a fun past-time. Being from Houston, I’m a big Astros fan myself. That’s one fancy sandwich- are those fries in there??? Have a great weekend!


    1. I think Alex thought I was lying when I told him about it haha but I swear it was my dream! Yes it is fries! It’s a really healthy sandwich with chicken fingers, mozzarella stick, cheese, fries and a special sauce. Really good for the soul 😉


  2. sounds like a fun night. I hate surprises typically. But, I love things like that where you know you are doing something, but you don’t know exactly what. We do that to our boys all the time Keeps the drive interesting.


    1. My parents used to do something called “Sunday Surprise” where they would plan a family activity and we would have to guess it haha. It was a lot of fun and last night kind of reminded me of it. The drive was definitely interesting.


  3. This is so fun!!! We spent our weekends in very much the same way- my husband works in minor league baseball so I go to the games when I can. I love them! Anything better than a summer baseball game?! Such a cute pic of you two & I’m interested in that book- I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, so it’s especially enticing! Is it based on any type of true story? XO


    1. There’s really not! I kind of forgot about the team to be honest and going to a game in New York or Philly is a much bigger production so I’m glad we got a game in! I don’t think it is. If the boom has any truth to it I’d be surprised. What kid burns there house down?!

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    1. You would love the sandwich Ralph. French fries, cheese, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and some sauce… so good.

      That’s such a cool goal! Good thing baseball season is so long to make it easier for you.


  4. You know a day will be good when it starts with bacon! YUM! Now I want to go to a baseball game, too!

    I have been hearing great things about Little Fires Everywhere. I need to check it out!


  5. There is nothing better than watching a baseball game on a summer evening- they’re always so fun, especially the people watching:)


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