Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XXII

Happy Friday! Today is a good Friday because I get out of work a little early. Gotta love free hours to use whenever I want. I hope you had a great week and something fun on the agenda for the weekend.

Before the weekend starts, I want to share a few things that I’ve been obsessed with this week. Let me know something you’ve been obsessed with in the comments below. Have a great day 🙂

Ice Tea Maker


A few years ago, my sister gifted me this little ice tea maker. Apparently I said I wanted one and honestly I don’t remember that but I’m so glad she did! With the hot temperatures we had at the beginning of the week, I was using this bad boy to make a ton of it. Sometimes I’ll fill it with tea bags and others I use loose tea. It’s easy to clean and it dispenses from the bottom so there’s no pouring involved. Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact brand of the one gifted me but this one looks pretty identical!

Little Fires Everywhere


Celeste Ng’s novel has been getting so much attention recently so I was excited to see it available to rent for my Nook. It’s the story of the Richardson’s who have four children that live in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland. Shaker Heights is a progressive and very planned spot, something that Elena Richardson loves. She owns a rental property that was her parents and rents the top apartment to Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl. Pearl starts to hang out with 3 of the 4 Richardson children while Izzy, the youngest Richardson, starts to spend more time with Mia. When a custody battle between family friends of the Richardson starts to divide the town, the members of the Richardson and Warren families start to divide as well. Mia’s past comes into play as well once Elena starts to discover more about her.

The story almost starts at the end when you discover that Izzy has set little fires in multiple spots of the Richardson house and then runs away. The rest of the story is from when the Warren’s move in until the house is burned down. The characters may appear to be simple but as the story develops, they develop as well. It was a really good read that wasn’t intense or anything but you had ideas throughout on what would happen but had no idea how it would play out. I think it would be a great pool or beach read for the summer!



I got these sunglasses for free years ago at a Rutgers football tailgate and forgot about them. With summer and the sun beating down, I wanted to have something to help prevent squinting on my runs. I dug around some storage bins and found my Knockarounds. They work so well! When I have them over the headband that I wear on runs, they don’t slip around my nose and stay in place. They’re lightweight as well which I love and are incredibly cheap. The classics, which I have, are $10. Yes you read that right, just ten dollars. Perfect for summer so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or misplacing them. Ralph from Run, Eat, Ralph has the polarized version and wrote a review if you want to hear about those.

Summer Hits of the 2000s Playlist


If you have Spotify, stop what you are doing and go listen to this playlist. The mix of genres on this playlist is perfect. There’s some rap, pop, top 40s and everything in between. I’ve been throwing this playlist on constantly the past week. It’s been on in the car, at home, during runs. Just so good! All of the songs are absolute jams in my opinion and I love singing along to them.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

22 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XXII”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try Knockarounds for awhile now! With the great price, I don’t know why I haven’t yet.

    This week I’ve been obsessed with finding sprinklers while out on a run! They seriously make a hot run so much better.


    1. I will probably buy another pair once these break. Which may never happen haha. Seriously I’ve moved with them 4 times now, have worn them to tailgates in college and they fall off my head all the time when I’m playing with Bailey. Love them!

      I’m SO jealous! Since we live in an apartment complex there’s no sprinklers. And when I venture out for long runs, 90% of the time it’s along country roads so unless I want to run through a farm field then I don’t get them.


  2. I love that playlist! Spotify has got it going on! I’m literally going through your posts to write down book titles- heading to the library today and I’ll look for some that you’ve read! have a great weekend Maureen 🙂


  3. sounds like lots of great things this week for you. I don’t think I’ve ever made ice tea, I usually just pick up Peach Snapple when I’m in an iced tea mood.


  4. Thanks for the playlist idea!
    I’ve been obsessed with my Skechers Go Walk shoes this week- absolute comfort at work during these busy days:)


      1. Oops sorry, but I really have worn them everyday this week. I have three pairs and they just rotate as they are so comfy!


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