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Weekly Obsession XXIII

Happy Friday! I’m pretty excited that the weekend is tomorrow because Alex and I leave bright and early to head to Chicago. I’m not kidding about bright and early y’all, we’ll be at the airport before the sun is up haha. We’re heading to my parents house for a few days then going to one of my favorite places to visit my grandparents and spend a few days at their house on a lake. I’ll check in when I can next week but I apologize if the blog takes a bit of a back seat.

Before I can even get home to finish packing, let’s share a few things I’ve been obsessed with this week. Let me know what your plans are for July 4th next week and something you’ve been obsessed with in the comments below. Have a great day 🙂



I picked up two pints of blueberries since they were on sale at the grocery store and it was a great decision. Most of this week (minus today since the blueberries are gone) I’ve been bringing a full snack size bag of them to work with me. They’ve been the perfect midmorning snack. The berries come from New Jersey so they’re about as close to fresh from the farm as I can get since the farm near us doesn’t have any. Some have been really tart while others are more mild. I’ve been loving them and have to prevent myself from snacking on them at home. No joke, I would eat the whole pint if I could.

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies


On the opposite of the health spectrum have been these no bake cookies. I made them last week and have been snacking on them nonstop. Full disclosure I ate 3 of them in one day earlier this week. No regrets either. The texture makes it feel like you’re eating straight cookie dough but it’s actually healthy. Some of them were straight peanut butter while I added a few dark chocolate chips to the top of others. If you are looking for an easy dessert for any cookouts you may have, try these out.

Paul McCartney Carpool Karoke

If you like the Beatles, watch this. If you don’t like the Beatles, watch this. Carpool karoke is one of my favorite segments that James Corden does but this one is probably my favorite! Alex and I watched it the other night and we were both singing along to the songs. Some of them have been stuck in my head since then and I’m not complaining. This video is such a feel good one and a perfect way to say goodbye to work and hello to the weekend.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

38 thoughts on “Weekly Obsession XXIII”

  1. I love blueberries. we tried to go berry picking earlier in the week, but the fields were closed. hope you have a great trip.


  2. I love blueberries too — I go through those little pints way too quickly!

    Hope you guys have a great trip!!


  3. I’m obsessed with the cookies they bake up at 4th Street Bakery in Philadelphia. Brought a bunch home the other day and three days in, they STILL taste freshly baked!
    Love blueberries in just about anything, and that Carpool Karaoke clip brings a smile to my face . . .

    Peace and summer


  4. Blueberries from Jersey are the best! We have so many local areas to get them which is great. This week I’m obsessed with the idea of a weekend away! We are going down the shore for the weekend and I’m looking forward to a little getaway.


    1. I wish the farm right down the road sold blueberries but they don’t. At least it’s not on the sign with what they are selling that day haha. My goal is to head to the farmer’s market on the 7th so hopefully a stand there will have fresh ones! Aw that’s so much fun!! Enjoy the shore 🙂


  5. Yes!! Paul McCartney on carpool karaoke was incredible! I watched it twice and cried both times.


  6. I’ve been all about blueberries too! I’ve gone through so many packs the last few weeks. I love summer fruit!


    1. The link is in the post! It’s from the blog Bigger, Bolder, Baking. At least I believe that’s the right iteration of it… Dangerous but so darn delicious!! Thanks AJ 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend!

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      1. Oops okay I’ll go look again, though maybe that was just my brain protecting me🤪
        I hope Chicago is being good to you:)


  7. It sounds like you have some fun travel plans! I can’t wait to hear all about your trips and visits with family!

    I love that blueberries are so fresh and affordable right now! Such a great snack. And I am going to check out that cookie recipe ASAP. Looks great!


  8. LOVE carpool karaoke!! The best. And those PB cookies are giving me a serious pb craving- probably will go get a spoonful after this. I’ve been on a blueberry kick too! I’ve been loving putting them in some greek yogurt with chocolate protein powder post runs. Mmmm mmm! Have a great weekend, Maureen!


    1. I feel like you would love the no bake cookies. No joke, I could probably make the dough but just eat it with a spoon. Omg that sounds like an amazing post run snack!! I totally have to try it out! Have a great Friday and weekend Mackenzie 🙂

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