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Top 3 Moments From Chicago And July 4th

Hi everyone! Since I was gone from the blog last week I wanted to share my top 3 moments from our trip to Chicago. Have a great day 🙂

Hopsmith With Friends

Since Alex and I were going to be in Chicago over a weekend, I thought it would be perfect to meet up with friends in the city to get drinks. Most of the time when we’re at my parents it’s for a holiday so most people are busy with their own families. Luckily that wasn’t the case so we got to meet up with about 10 people total and it was a blast!! Alex and I took the train to the city on Saturday afternoon then went to my friend Alison’s new apartment for drinks with her boyfriend Corey before we headed to Hopsmith which is a bar that Alison recommended. We drank the night away and I got to see some of my best friends which was awesome. Corey ordered us nachos and they were tasty. Alex even made a cute little speech since we were calling it birthday drinks.

Incredibles 2 With Alex, Mom and Brendan


My older brother Brian, Dad and sister Megan were actually in China for the first half of the trip so it was just Alex, my younger brother Brendan, my mom and I at my parent’s house. Mom was thinking of something fun for us to do so we went and saw The Incredibles 2. Majority of the people in the audience were over the age of 15 which was kind of surprising. The movie was so good though! If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely go. The 14 year wait was worth it.

Time At The Lake

Culver 2018

On Monday afternoon, Alex and I drove to my grandparents house in Indiana. They live on the lake and I grew up going there all the time in the summer. It was such a relaxing and slow paced few days. My entire family went as well as an aunt and uncle. We celebrated some birthdays, had fireworks on July 4th, went boating, read a bunch and spent time with family. It was the perfect little refresher that I felt was needed for both Alex and I. Apparently Mike Pence’s brother lives on the same lake as my grandparents and the VP was there while we were. Alex thinks he saw the secret service on a random boat while we were out one morning too.

Question of the day: American friends, what’s the highlight from your July 4th activities?

20 thoughts on “Top 3 Moments From Chicago And July 4th”

  1. Glad you had a great time in Chicago!! My 4th of July was just super relaxing. Had a burger and a hot dog, and got to spend a little bit of time in the pool. Can’t ask for better 🙂

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    1. I was thrilled to not get sick! I was honestly nervous because I woke up sweating one night I was so hot for some reason. It freaked me out that I was going to get sick but I think it was just a fluke thankfully!

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      1. It would probably be a phobia of going to my parents house lolol. When I woke up that night I was honestly like “Am I allergic to something at their house so now I can’t come?”. The mind is weird at 3 am haha

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  2. Your trip sounded great! I saw the Incredibles 2 last week as well and I thought it was good! The highlight from my 4th of July was spending some time with my family. Work has been keeping me busy lately so some time with my nephew was much needed!

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    1. Thanks Emily! I thought they did a really good job and it seemed like everyone involved in the project really wanted it to be a hit. A midweek work break is always nice, especially when everyone is off!


  3. What a fun weekend! I love that you went to see The Incredibles 2. My husband and I went to see a Disney movie in the theater once and a dad held the door for us and waited for a toddler or kid to come out and when one didn’t come he said, “Really?” But I loved it!!


    1. I go to so many Disney movies it’s crazy hahaha. They’re just so good! I swear it was a birthday party and a mom with young kids in the theater. The rest of us were able to drive haha


  4. So glad you had a great trip and getting to see family and friends! The Incredibles 2 was so cute!!! Can’t wait until it comes out to Redbox

    Highlight of my fourth was house cleaning. Quite boring but I loved it!

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    1. Thanks Shannon!! I can definitely see myself rewatching it when it’s on DVD.

      The cleaning has to get done at some point so why not use your day off! Then you had the whole weekend to relax and have fun.


  5. So cool about Alex possibly seeing secret service agents on a boat!! I love when stuff like that happens! It sounds like you guys had the perfect mix of spending time with friends, family, and just relaxing. I keep hearing wonderful reviews for Incredibles 2! Kids movies for the win 🙂

    The highlight of the Fourth for me was probably just having the day off and spending it with Jimmy, just relaxing around the house!

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    1. Right?! It was a little fishing type boat out in the middle of the lake while people were tubing and water skiing and just moving around. Not the time to be fishing so we think it may have been the secret service. Or it was just a crazy person who thought it was a good time to fish lol. Kids movies are the best! Soon you’ll have a legitemate reason to go to them which I’m definitely jealous of!

      That’s a nice day though! I love days like that where you can just chill and relax in the middle of the week.

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