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Outdoor Reading + Leftovers

Hi friends! It seems like I haven’t shared a day in the life style post in so long! I mean it has been about 2 weeks now haha so that is kind of a long time. Have a great day 🙂


A few weeks ago, I shared that Bailey was acting as our alarm clock at 5 am or earlier during the week. We left the crate door open last night and she wasn’t crazy super early, yay! Alex and I think she may have just been sick of her crate at night so that’s why she would bark at us. The extra sleep was much needed so I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Once I was ready for work, I made my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and a muffin.

Nuts And Yogurt

This week, my appetite has been huge. Maybe it’s because I was eating more junk food than normal last week but I’ve been hungry so much in the afternoons. In my attempt to not snack all night, I packed some peanuts and cashews to enjoy with my afternoon yogurt. Considering I didn’t go home and immediately break out chips and salsa, I’ll consider it a win.

The Atomic City Girls

When I got home, Bailey and I went for a walk and then I grabbed my book to read outside. I started reading The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard and it’s excellent. It’s a historical fiction novel set in World War II about June, an 18 year old who goes to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, a city that doesn’t officially exist. She goes to work but has no idea what her job does. June adjusts knobs to keep them in the range they are supposed to be in. She eventually meets a physicist, Doctor Sam Cantor, who lives and works in Oak Ridge with her. It’s related to the Manhattan Project and there’s even black and white pictures at the end of each chapter that the Department of Energy gave. I wish I could just read all day to see what happens.

Ribs, roaste potatoes and green beans

For dinner, we kept it easy with leftovers from Sunday night at Alex’s parents house. I roasted some potatoes and made green beans to go along with our ribs. To end our night, we watched an episode of The Keepers on Netflix. It’s a docuseries on students who are looking into the murder of a nun that was a teacher at their school. We’re on ely through 2 episodes but love it. Then I got ready for bed and read some more before calling it a night.

Question of the day: Are you a fan of leftovers?

19 thoughts on “Outdoor Reading + Leftovers”

  1. I feel like we have the same blogging brain sometimes. I literally almost named my blog post “I ❤ Leftovers" today and then saw your post title and changed it, haha.
    I don't like leftovers in the sense that I get kind of bored if I eat something too many days in a row. But when I'm really tired or busy, leftovers are a total lifesaver.
    Also, that book sounds amazing and totally up my alley! I definitely want to check it out.


    1. Haha you totally could’ve named it that!! I like repurposing leftovers. So if we have tacos one night, I’ll make nachos or a burrito bowl the next to switch it up but while using leftovers.
      Yes check it out! I’m halfway through and really enjoy it.


  2. That book looks pretty good! I’ve been doing some outdoor reading lately (with some chips/salsa, hummus/pretzels, all the snacks, haha). Sounds like a great read. Adding it to my list right now!


  3. Yay for a win for Bailey not waking y’all up so early!! We LOVE leftovers. I don’t let a morsel of food go to waste if I can help it. I obnoxiously freeze everything we own if we aren’t going to eat it and then make the weirdest concoctions with what we have left. At restaurants, sometimes I’ll even take the bread from the bread basket home haha. I just can’t stand the waste! I have never tried yogurt with cashews- but that sounds like an AWESOME combo. Mmmm mmm! Have a great rest of your week, girl!


    1. I freeze everything too!! Our freezer is packed haha. We’re going to need a bigger freezer when we move because I always stick leftovers in there if we aren’t going to eat it before it goes bad. Enjoy your Thursday 🙂

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