IMG_3673Hi! I’m Maureen, a recent college graduate trying to figure out life in the post grad world.

I grew up in the Chicago area and went to the East Coast to a school where I knew no one (I’m pretty sure I was the first person to apply let alone attend Rutgers!). On May 14th, 2017 I graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in Packaging Engineering and a full time job offer woohoo! Graduating with a job is every students and parents dream right?

I moved in with my boyfriend in the Princeton area and love always seeing his face when I’m home. People may say we’re crazy for moving in before our 7 month anniversary but when you know you know.

I made this blog as a way to document my journey of figuring out the real world. I love to cook and bake so expect some yummy recipes to pop up from time to time. During college I was all over the place with working out so I want to use this as a platform to get back into shape through a variety of workout methods.

Thanks for visiting!


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