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Philadelphia Marathon Training Week 1

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a nice weekend. In case you missed it, I announced that I’m signed up to run the Philadelphia Marathon this November. In order to document this journey for myself, I’m going to be documenting my training every Sunday on the blog. As of today there are 18 weeks until the marathon.

Sunday – Rest day
Monday – 4 recovery miles with Alex
Tuesday – 9.71 miles – 1 mile warm up, 10 x 1 km repeats (don’t ask me the average pace… I was about to die from the heat lol), 3 minute walk in between, 1 mile cool down
Wednesday – 25 walk with Bailey
Thursday – 6 recovery miles
Friday – 4 recovery miles
Saturday – 12 miles (6 miles @ pace, 3 miles @ pace, 2 miles @ pace, 1 mile cool down)

Week 1 Mileage =



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I’m Going To Run A Marathon

Happy hump day! I hope you’re all have a great week so far. After my half marathon in April, I never shared what was next for me in terms of running. I knew what the plan was the whole time but I wasn’t ready to share. Something tells me I won’t be able to hide it much longer though… I’m running my first marathon!

The rest of this post was written on March 2, 2018. Less than 24 hours after I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18, 2018.

If you told me this time last year that I would be signing up for a marathon, I would have laughed in your face and thought you were crazy. I didn’t run. I thought I hated running since I never truly loved it despite being on the cross country and track team for all of high school. Looking back, I think I didn’t like running 6 days a week and having generic workouts. Nothing was geared towards me. Granted you can’t personalize workouts for 120 girls who run 6 days a week. But I think that’s what I needed to discover that I love running.

Instagram is a huge reason I discovered my love for running. Yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds but hear me out. Somehow I found Melissa one day. As I’m sure most of you do, I started scrolling through her feed. She became so inspiring to me. She has run 7 marathons and has run 4 Boston qualifying times on the day I’m writing this. Guess what – she wasn’t always a runner. She isn’t naturally fast either. Melissa worked hard and fought to get where she is today with her fitness levels.

A few times, I saw her post about her coaching business or her athlete’s successes. I was intrigued and considered it but never did it. Then one day I looked in the mirror and just knew something had to change. I wasn’t thrilled with the girl looking back at me. It had nothing to do with my life either. At this point Alex and I were so happy and had signed the lease to our first apartment,  I was about to graduate from college with a full time job and my family was so supportive of everything I did. But I needed something else. I needed an outlet. I emailed Melissa and we started talking about her coaching me.

When I started running, my “long run” was 2.5 miles. And it was intimidating to be honest. I know it’s just 2.5 miles but I didn’t run at all at that point. I started chugging along and running to get miles in and build up my endurance. The more I ran, the more I enjoyed it. Granted maybe I didn’t love it during my run in 90+ degree heat but after I felt so good.

Once I started to enjoy running, I decided to race. So I did a 5k for charity mostly because it was in Alex’s hometown and he knew the family that runs the foundation. Then I decided to really challenge myself by running a 10 mile race. 10 miles seemed like a good place to start for a long race and it went well! Training was great and I beat my goal by almost 4 minutes which felt amazing.

The next step seemed to naturally be a half marathon. So I signed up for the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon at my alma mater for April. I trained hard. I was killing my training paces and Melissa started to make them faster. I stepped up and delivered on the faster paces. The entire process was amazing. I loved the feeling of it all.

At the end of 2017, I told Alex I think I want to run a marathon. Once he got over the shock of me voluntarily wanting to run 26.2 miles, he said he’d support me. A marathon is a commitment in terms of training so I knew that his life would be affected a little bit due to early bed times and me not participating in late night outings. Plus I’d probably bug him for foot rubs and calf massages more than I already did.

I looked into some races for fall near me. I wanted something close and not have to deal with traveling for a race. The Philadelphia Marathon seemed like the perfect race. It was close to home and a big race. I looked into reviews and it sounded like there are a lot of spectators which seemed like a reason enough. So I decided I would sign up.

Then registration opened at the end of February. I went on the website to look into it and got scared. Was I really going to do this? Was I really going to spend months training myself and working towards a new and big goal of mine? So I chickened out and didn’t sign up. I figured that it was just nerves about signing up. Once I paid it was official right? I had to run the whole darn thing. I said I would think about it more and then decide what to do.

On March 1st, I had a phone call with Melissa just to check in on half marathon training. She knew I was considering running Philly and so we talked. Once I heard her say that she knew I was ready for it and could do it, it gave me a confidence boost. Keep in mind I have never met her. We only interact via phone calls and texts and she sees my workouts on Final Surge. For someone who I know “virtually” to say that made me think I could do it. But I was still scared to sign up.

Later that day, I had a tempo run. On it I just kept thinking of the marathon. Yes 26.2 miles is a lot but I don’t just run it tomorrow. I have training to go through to get myself ready for it.  While running, I decided I was going to run Philly and that was that so just sign up. After dinner that night, I grabbed my computer, credit card, and glass of wine and signed up. It was official. I’m going to be a marathoner.

Philadelphia Marathon Congrats Message

Don’t be fooled, I’m scared to run 26.2 miles. I’m nervous for how my body will react to running for so long. I’m scared to somehow fail. But at the same time, I am ready. I’m ready to work hard towards a new running goal. I’m ready to train and see what my body is capable of. I’m ready to crush new distances and achieve small goals along the way. I’m excited.

There is a lot that I don’t know yet about marathon training. But I know I have a great support system around me, my training will go well and when I cross the starting line in November I’ll be prepared. Maybe the race won’t go the way I want or I won’t achieve the time goal I have set for myself. I’ll finish though and be able to call myself a marathoner.

Question of the day: If you have run a marathon, do you have any tips?

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Why You Should Wear What You Want To Workout

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re halfway to the weekend, woohoo! I hope you’re having a great week so far.

Today’s blog post came to me last week when I was on a run. It was a hot day so I was out running in shorts and a sports bra. A car passed me and the driver kind of gave me a weird look. Maybe it was because the feels like was well over 95 so I looked like a crazy person running but something told me it was because I was in a sports bra. It’s also happened before when it’s not as hot which makes me think it was the clothing choice that prompted the look.


Personally I have no issue running in a sports bra. Honestly it’s probably because I was on the cross country and track team in high school so we all ran in sports bra on our town’s running path. I got so used to it and mostly started because everyone was doing it. I didn’t want to be the only one with their shirt on and stick out back then. Now I chose to run that way since it’s more comfortable for me. I completely understand that working out in a sports bra is not for everyone. Really I get that! It’s not for everyone and who am I to judge.

What I have a problem with is people who want to give weird looks to anyone running without a shirt on. What’s the difference between shorts and a sports bra and a bikini? Technically you are more covered up in a sports bra and shorts than a bathing suit. Yet no one judges anyone in a bikini.

Layered Up For Icy Rain

I don’t think the topic of not judging people for workout apparel choices applies for summer running only though. It can definitely be applied to working out at any time of the year. Even in winter people will give you a strange look for running outside. I remember getting a weird look leaving the YMCA when I was at my parents house in just shorts during the winter. And I walked maybe 100 yards to get to my car and the door. Maybe it is because it appears that you’re not dressed warm enough but it doesn’t matter what other people think. What they don’t see is the shirt and quarter zip that are under your rain jacket. Besides, if you’re layered up so that you’re not freezing or overheating and you are comfortable then that’s what matters.

With that being said, I’m not trying to cover up when it is over 90 degrees or put on extra layers in the winter to please other people. One of the biggest things with working out is being comfortable in your own skin. If I pass someone out running who has capris and a t shirt on, while it may make me hot just looking at them, if that makes them the most comfortable to get outside then so be it! I’m not going to give the person a weird look for it or judge them.


Whether you’re in a sports bra and shorts or layered up for icy rain, you have to be comfortable.

Do whatever makes YOU comfortable. Just don’t judge me for what I’m comfortable doing.

Question of the day: Do you have any thoughts on this?

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20-15-10-5 Resistance Band Leg Workout

Hi friends! Since getting my resistance bands in the mail a few weeks ago, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to use them. One of my favorite circuits that I created is a 20-15-10-5 leg burner.

While it may not seem like much at first glance, I’ve been doing it after speed workouts when my legs are already tired. Doing just 3 seemingly simple exercises really exhausts them. This circuit is easy and can be done anywhere which is perfect with any summer travel that you may have. It could even be done with out the bands if you don’t own any or forget to pack them. Remember to take a break after each round if you need one.

20-15-10-5 Resistance Band Workout

Squat Pulse

Put the band above your knees and place you feet shoulder width apart. Go down to a normal squat. Instead of coming back up, slightly pulse up and down a few inches once. After the pulse go back to standing normally.

Lateral Squat Walk

With the band above your knees, get into a light squat position. Your left leg steps to the side and your right leg comes following behind. Repeat the set number of reps then switch so the right leg is the leading leg.

Walking Lunges

Place the band around your ankles and stand feet together. Step forward with your your right leg and bend the left leg behind you. Bring your feet together and repeat.

Question of the day: What’s one of you favorite exercises for legs?

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How I Balance Fitness, Work And Life

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good week so far. Training for a half marathon is time consuming to say the least. I would run after work 4 days a week. Once it was all said and done, I’d be busy until about 5:45 or 6 pm each night I had to run. That’s quite the commitment. In order to keep my balance in place, I did a few things each week. Now that the half marathon has passed, I’m still running but lower mileage than before.

I Write Down My Workouts


I love my planner. Some of you may be more up to tech savvy with your planner but I love to put pen to paper when it comes to life organization. As soon as my runs would are uploaded, I take out my pen and planner to write them down. This would allow me to look ahead when I would plan things for next week or so.When I have strength workouts I want to complete, I write those down as well. It’s helps me feel like I “have” to get these done and gives me a the satisfaction of crossing them off when it’s complete.

I Get Everything Together The Night Before


To make sure I don’t have to spend too much time after work getting ready to go run, I lay out all my clothes the night before. Everything from my sports bra and socks to my watch. When I pull my clothes out, I check the weather so I know what the best option will be. Knowing everything is ready and charged means I can mindless change, stretch then head out the door.

I Plan Dinners A Week In Advance

Before making my grocery list, I ask Alex what nights he won’t be home for dinner during the week and write it down. Then we go through and think of a few meals that we’ll want to have that week. This helps me know what I need to take out of the freezer or if I have to put something in the crock pot before we head to work. For me, I feel best on runs (and in general!) when I eat a healthy diet with treats when I feel like it. Knowing meals are planned helps take guess work out of getting food on the table after I run.

I Move During The Work Day

I work in an office that is connected to a million square foot warehouse. My job involves going into the warehouse and looking at the packages. When I go out I chose to walk and people always tell me I should drive the golf cart. Now sometimes I do but I prefer to walk. It helps me get movement during the day instead of just sitting at my desk.

One perk of working in a warehouse to develop packaging is that I need to conduct part fits from time to time. On days I know I have a lot of fitting to do, I’ll wear a stretchy dress shirt like this one. It helps me move easier and still look professional which is a plus.

Most of you probably don’t work in a giant warehouse but you can still get movement during the day. At past jobs, instead of messaging a coworker when I had a question, I would walk to their desk. Face to face contact is always a good thing plus you get movement. If you and a coworker have a meeting set, see if you can walk around and chat instead of sitting in a conference room.

I Give Myself A Break When I Need One


Sometimes you have a bad day or a can’t pass up opportunity that comes along. If this happens, I either skip a run (if it’s recovery) or I switch the days around so I can get in a speed workout. If the run doesn’t happen that’s okay. One skipped run won’t kill your progress if it happens. It’s so much better to factor in your mental health than kill yourself to get a run in. Or even if you do get a workout in but you’ve had a bad day, a glass of wine and relaxing on the couch is just what your head needs so go for it!

Question of the day: How do you balance fitness/health with a busy work week?