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5 Easy Last Minute Meals

Hi hello! How are you all doing today? If you live in the Northeast I hope the storm didn’t hit you too badly. Last night we ended up losing power for 7 hours! Luckily we started a fire before it went out so we still had a heat source. We ended up moving our mattress in front of it when we went to sleep for a little camp out. Now my car is currently stuck in our parking lot from the snow and I’m working from home. Oh the joys of winter! Hopefully none of you are dealing with the same things I am currently.

Alex had a change of plans on Tuesday so he ended up being home for dinner. When we planned meals for the week, we originally thought leftover enchiladas would be on Wednesday. Then we ended up having those Tuesday night and it left me scratching my head on what to have last night. Granted we ended up having ham sandwiches but I planned on having ground turkey and spaghetti but not having power threw that plan out the window. I thought about something that’s easy to make but also healthy and filling. Since I can’t be the only one finds themselves thrown off their meal plan at some point, I put together 5 of our favorite go to easy meals when we find ourselves in that situation.

Turkey and Spaghetti


Both Alex and I are new to having ground turkey. By new I mean it’s only be consumed twice for us. But we both enjoy it! It’s healthier than ground beef and since it’s good to limit the amount of red meat you eat turkey is a great option. Pasta is always something in our cabinet and I try to always buy whole wheat so it’s healthier. Cook the turkey while the spaghetti cooks and you can even add in extra veggies you have lying around in the fridge or freezer to add extra nutrients. Top it with some marinara sauce once complete and you’re all set.

Burrito Bowls


Burrito bowls are amazing because it can be a catch all for whatever you have on hand. You can quickly cook up chicken, ground beef or turkey with some taco seasoning while rice is simmering away. If you have beans on hand then you can heat those up, cook some corn to add in. Personally I love topping mine with lettuce, black or refried beans, cheese, a little sour cream and salsa but they are so customizable and work with whatever you have in your fridge and cabinets.



It’s rare that there is not a jar of Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pizza crust in the freezer. All of the ingredients take so little time to defrost which is perfect when you’re in a rush. If you have some pepperoni then you can put that on (it’s Alex’s favorite) or load it up with a bunch of veggies. It takes me 15 minutes from starting the oven to cutting the pizza to have a meal on the table. Perfect for last minute dinners.

Tortellini, Veggies and Pesto


Tortellini is a delicious pasta and it’s a rare day we don’t have some in the freezer. Plus pesto is delicious so again we always have some in the freezer (do you see a theme here 😉 On it’s own you have a great dinner but if you want some more bang to it add in some chicken or veggies. I love peas with pesto and highly recommend you try that out. It couldn’t be easier because to cook the peas just put them in the strainer and dump the hot pasta on top when you drain it. Less dishes for the win!

Grilled Cheese


When all else fails, bread and cheese is there for you. My favorite cheese to use is White American and it will change the game for you. If you really want to treat yourself add some bacon to the sandwich as well. Bacon is always good right? To make it more substantial, add some cut up carrot and hummus and you’ve got yourself a meal.

Question of the day: What’s one of your favorite go to last minute meals?