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Workout Videos + Mail

Happy Thursday! I’m checking in with some excitement for the weekend that’s almost here. It’s getting closer guys, we can make it. Yesterday was gross and raining here so I’m hoping for some sunshine today. Partially because the sun is just better and partially because I don’t want to run in rain 😉 Have a great day!


Wednesday just started off on a gross note. I looked outside after waking up and didn’t see any snow on the ground. Silly me thought that meant it wasn’t going to snow… After breakfast, I walked to my car to see a weird snow/hail/sleet/slush concoction falling from the sky. Not how you want to start your day am I right? It unfortunately rained on and off all day but what can you do. I still don’t know if I would rather snow or rain all day.

I typically have a rest day mid week but since it was gross I wanted to get some endorphins flowing. Also one of my goals for this year is to add strength training so it was a win-win situation. I ended up doing three different workout videos from Popsugar Fitness. The arms video was so hard!! When I went to turn my shower on to rinse off, my muscle was shaking…and that was the first video I did! I also did this barre leg workout and a super quick ab workout to round everything off. It took max 25 minutes and it got me sweating.


After a quick rinse off, I got to open my package that had just arrived. Does anyone else love getting packages in the mail? It’s like a present that you know is coming that you bought yourself. With half marathon training, I needed more gels for long run fuel. It was cheaper to buy a 24 pack and I know I’ll use them up so it made sense. Then I did some cleaning and organizing while listening to some podcasts.


For dinner I took out this massive tortilla that’s supposed to be for wraps and made a quesadilla. I put leftover refried beans in it with the cheese for some protein then topped it with salsa and half of an avocado. It was so filling! I honestly thought I would need something else to really fill me up but this did the job. I think adding the healthy fats from the avocado and protein from the beans did the trick.

Once everything was cleaned up, I got set on the couch to read my book. When Alex got home from work, we chatted and caught up on our days. I started to get tired around 9:30 and headed to bed. For whatever reason, I’ve been getting tired earlier and earlier recently. I’m going to chalk it up to long days at work last week and just being really busy in my personal life as well.

Question of the day: Would you prefer rain all day or snow all day?


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Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Happy Wednesday y’all! How is your week going? I’ll be honest with you, mine has been long. I’ve been staying late at work all everyday this week. It’s hard to see the minutes tick by when you know that you could be home. It’s rough. So if you’re in that boat this week, know you aren’t alone and that I’m right there with you!

I left work yesterday at 6:30 pm. Yes a whole 2.5 hours later than I normally work. You’re probably rolling your eyes since most people work late but I take pride in the fact that I get all of my work done within a normal workday and that my boss doesn’t make me feel as though I need to stay past the normal 8 hours.

Guess what I was supposed to do yesterday…run. Did I? Nope! It was way too dark to do that by the time I left the office. I had planned on doing some Youtube video workouts but did I? Heck no! And I don’t even feel bad. The thought of coming home, changing into workout clothes and exercising made me want to burst into tears after a slightly hectic work day. So I didn’t.


Instead, I picked up a pizza for Alex and I. Did I mention I was supposed to go to a work dinner that got moved back a day? That meant I had no dinner idea for us and all of the meat we had was frozen. So Alex called in a pizza while I packed up at work and I picked it on the way home. I ate my two sliced with zero regrets.

I had a list of a few chores I wanted to get done last night. I’m happy to report than none of them got done. Once again, the thought of doing them made me want to cry (keeping it real y’all) so I didn’t. I put on my pjs, poured my second glass of wine and got comfy on the couch.


Could I have been hard on myself and forced a workout to happen? Yep. Could I have forced myself to eat super late and throw together a super quick potentially healthy meal? Definitely. I didn’t though. Doing one or both of those would have been awful and made a long day even worse. Will missing two runs in my week set me back on my training? No it won’t. Will pizza for dinner, two glasses of wine plus a cupcake for dessert make me gain 10 pounds. Nope!

I enjoyed my super unplanned and relaxing night with Alex on the couch in front of a fire while watching Netflix. There’s a chance I could have felt bad about doing that but why? Why push myself to do something I genuinely don’t have the energy for nor sounds appealing at all? It wasn’t laziness last night either. It was pure “I’m tired and don’t have the energy” after looking at a ridiculous number of 80 pound car hoods and packaging options. Oh and that included not eating lunch until 2 pm which didn’t help with how tired I felt.

Packing and repacking an 80 pound hood multiple time will be my workout for the day. I refueled with pizza, wine and a cupcake and I have ZERO regrets. Yesterday was definitely a “I need a mental health break and it doesn’t matter what I should be doing” type of night. Take those days. Don’t kill yourself to clean the kitchen or run 4 miles if the thought brings tears to your eyes. Don’t be hard on yourself if you need a break. We’re all human here and it’s better to take one day off than do something you genuinely don’t want to do.

Question of the day: Tell me anything you want! Or don’t! Up to you 🙂

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A Non-Scale Victory

Happy Sunday friends! I hope your weekend is going well. Have a great day 🙂


Saturday started by sleeping in, so awesome! I slept until almost 8 which is pretty late for me. Since I have a race tomorrow, I didn’t have to get up and run. Alex was feeling a little better but still wanted to make breakfast so he made pancakes. By made pancakes, I mean he took ones we had previously cooked and heated them up since they were frozen.


There were a few errands that I needed to run so I headed out to take care of those. I desperately needed jeans since 3 pairs all frayed within a week of each other. Macy’s had Levi’s on sale so I grabbed two pairs. How cute is the maroon pair? I thought they would be perfect for adding a little something to a simple, neutral sweater.

Due to my curiosity, I grabbed a pair in my current size and one size smaller. I didn’t even try the current pair on since I knew they would fit and just tried the smaller one on instead. It put a smile on my face when they fit, yay! I weighed myself a few weeks ago but personally don’t like to focus on my number too much. I find that how clothes fit and how I feel are a better indication for me on my health. When I tried on a smaller size and they fit, I was thrilled. Thank god for running consistently and pushing myself for harder paces 🙂


I got home and was starting to get hungry. I looked and saw there was still some leftover chicken that Alex was eating for dinner throughout the week. Paired with some cheese and a tortilla and voila! a quick quesadilla. To make it a little more filling, I also had some pretzels and hummus. Alex and I decided to be lazy and watch some more “Burn Notice” after eating.


While on the plane on Friday, I finished “All Things Cease to Appear” by Elizabeth Brundage so I was dying for a new book. Alex’s mom lent me her copy of “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. It’s set in World War II and is the story of two sisters who live in France. While I read, I cut up a golden delicious apple and dipped it in peanut butter for an afternoon snack. I only got about 3 chapters in before my headache got to be a bit much so I opted to nap on the couch for a bit.


For dinner, I wanted some pasta to carbo load for my 10 mile race tomorrow. He likes to pair spaghetti with Italian sausage so I pulled the last of ours out of the freezer to add in with the sauce. When I made bread a few weeks ago, the recipe made two loaves so I stuck one in the freezer for a rainy day. Even though yesterday wasn’t rainy, I pulled the bread out to enjoy with dinner. I cut up some slices and made garlic bread for a side. Dinner was tasty, delicious, and full of carbs 🙂

After dinner, Alex and I watched “An American Haunting”, the story of a family in 1817 who has the only recorded death due to a spirit in American history. Alex didn’t find the movie scary but I found it a little scary. We watched it as a compromise because I hate scary movies but said we could watch one during fall. During the movie my headache came back but I powered through to finish the movie. When it ended, I headed right to bed.

Question of the day: Do you prefer to weigh yourself or go based on how clothes fit and how you feel to determine your health?