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Small Change Of Plans

Happy Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate it. Have a fantastic day ๐Ÿ™‚


Guys I’m going to shock you with my breakfast. Yes I had scrambled eggs but I didn’t have toast! I know it’s a big change but Alex and I tried the oatmeal muffins I made on Sunday and give them two thumbs up! The only thing I would change would be the amount of blueberries. Somehow mine had two and Alex’s was loaded with them.

My boss and a member of our team are in New Jersey this week from Michigan. Their flight was late getting in so they got to my office late. Unfortunately that meant I ended up staying until almost 5:30. Considering 5:30 is when I typically get home from my runs, that was a super late night at the office for me. It was dark so I couldn’t get a run in. I used the Chromecast we have and streamed three Tone It Up videos onto the tv. First I used this dance one as a quick warm up before doing this booty one and ending with this arms video.


I worked up a decent sweat with them. These videos kept my attention and I’m definitely going to explore more of them. After the workout I cut up a cara cara orange for my snack. Until last Friday, I had never heard about this type of orange. Both Emily and Sarah mentioned it in the comments. They were right about them! It tasted a little tangy but it was delicious! I will definitely be buying them again. Plus the color is awesome!


I quickly showered and got dinner heated up. Leftover chili for the win! It was even spicier today which means I made it correctly. My dad is the king of spicy food so I always judge my food based on his. If chili is hotter as leftovers then I did it right in his book. After eating, Alex and I just hung out on the couch and caught up on our days! It was fairly late by the time we stopped talking so I headed to bed.

Question of the day: What are your favorite online workout videos?

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Top Workout Songs: January 2018

Happy hump day! We’re halfway through the week which is kind of crazy to me. It seems like the past few days have flown by. Have a great dya ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I started listening to music on runs again, I realized I have a few favorite songs that really get me in the mood. Whether it’s for a speed workout, recovery run or long run, I know these songs will get me going and make me want to dance along while I run. Since I personally like seeing what music other people are listening to on workouts, I thought I would share a few of my favorites! I’ll preface this by saying it’s probably not “typical” workout music but it’s what I’ve been enjoying.

The Other Side by Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman

You guys I have not seen this movie yet but I desperately need to! The soundtrack is amazing if you haven’t listened to it yet then you have to. This song has such a fun beat and the back and forth between Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman is really fun to listen to on runs.

Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett

I’m just going to throw this out there but Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are the cutest celebrity couple. I love them so much. This song is so fun to listen to and I’ve definitely caught myself singing along under my breath while running .

Non-stop from Hamilton

Ah Hamilton…the show I have yet to see but really want to. I used to listen to the entire soundtrack on long runs to get lost in the story. Non-stop is one of my favorite from the soundtrack because it has a few different parts. Due to that, the beat changes a few times so it breaks up the song. I just find it fun to listen to!

Singles You Up by Jordan Davis

I am a huge country fan! It’s actually my music genre of choice if I’m being honest. This came on the radio a while back and I always found myself singing along to it. I listened to it on a run once and now I’m hooked. I love it and it gets me going on runs!

Shake It by Metro Station

This song is from when I was in 7th grade I think. It reminds me of when all my friends and I were at my parents hanging out in my room. I’m pretty sure we played it about 23865 times over the night. Even though it’s over 10 years old now, it still makes me want to dance along.

Question of the day: What’s one song you’ve been loving for workouts recently?

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What A Day

Hi friends! It’s Saturday and I hope you have something fun on your agenda for the day. Have a great one ๐Ÿ™‚


I was very happy to be back at the apartment so I could make a smoothie for breakfast. The smoothie accompanied my scrambled egg that was apparently drenched in hot sauce. It hit the spot and I need to replenish my fruit stash in the freezer since I’m running low. I mentioned a few weeks ago how I’m slowly transitioning myself into waking up early so that I can run in the mornings. Right now, I’m in the awkward position where it’s too late to run but I have a lot of time in the morning to relax and it’s awesome. I love not rushing to get ready for work.


Lunch was back to normal reading. I’m loving “Secrets of a Charmed Life” and it was so hard to stop reading because I got to such a good point in the story while at work. Don’t worry, I read on my lunch break and not when I’m supposed to be working ๐Ÿ™‚


For whatever reason, there was something that came up from out corporate office at about 3:15 yesterday afternoon that just had to be finished. After having them explain to me what happened since the email was extremely vague and information was left out which slowed down the extremely important issue. It got finished and I got to leave on time but it was a tad stressful. I fond an Andes mint in my bag that I enjoyed while running a few errands.


I got home and decided to go for a walk. There was a lot of stuff on my mind and I figured fresh air would do me some good. While walking out of our apartment complex, I saw a few leaves that were on the ground and not dead. For whatever reason there was approximately 1.5 trees that had changed colors and the leaves were on the ground even though it in the 80s this week. The other trees haven’t gotten the memo that it’s fall but I hope that they change once the weather cools off.


After my walk, I cooked up some rice. Since there was still some leftover chicken from Monday night, I added some spices and kind of shredded it to use in a rice bowl. Not the best meal ever but it was quick and easy.

There were a lot of little things that happened yesterday that just made it a little blah. I hate days like that where it just slowly chips away at your mood. To combat it, Alex and I hung out on the couch chatting and I did a sheet mask before bed. 

Question of the day: Have the leave by you changed? It’s my favorite part of fall ๐Ÿ™‚

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Feels Like Fall

Happy Saturday! I hope you having something fun planned for the day. Thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday started off with another scrambled egg and smoothie for breakfast! I’m really loving waking up early to enjoy a more filling breakfast and to watch the news. If you or any loved ones are down in Texas, I hope you are all safe for Hurricane Harvey!
Luckily, the afternoon at work went by fast. For me, Friday afternoons seems to take forever! When I got home, I put on some tv and did squats, lunges, push up and in out crunches. I did each exercise 10 times and just rotated between them while the tv played for about 20 minutes. Watching tv made the workout go faster and I felt like it really worked my muscles. Afterwards I ate a peach and read on the couch for a bit.

Alex and I started to get hungry so I made a fan favorite dinner – sausage and broccoli pasta. The past few days (and going through next week too!) have temperatures in the 70s and I’m loving it! Granted, I’m not ready for summer to end but it has been not to not leave work/the apartment and immediately start to sweat.

One of our friends came over for a beer (seltzer for me and an O’Doul’s for Alex). We are still going strong on not having alcohol during our 30 day challenge. We’re almost done with it and it’s not as hard as it may seem.


To finish off the night I finished reading “All the Light We Cannot See”. I loved it! I thoughts the end was going to be different but I enjoyed the ending. While watching tv I wanted something sweet so I grabbed a Hershey kiss. It hit the spot!

Question of the day: Are the temperatures fall like near you?

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My Arms Are Going To Be Sore

Happy Thursday! I feel like this week just flew by, anyone else? Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday morning started off like any other. I woke up to a text from my sister Megan saying she met someone who lives behind Alex’s parents house. She goes to school in South Carolina and Alex’s hometown is pretty small so we were both shocked by this! For breakfast, I made another smoothie and scrambled egg. Instead of a frozen banana I used one that’s been on the counter ripening. It was nice because the smoothie blended quicker but wasn’t very thick so I think I’ll add ice next time to (hopefully) thicken it up.

ย img_4475-1

One of my goals for the past few weeks has been to include bodyweight strength training exercises. I always write my runs down in my planner and never don’t do them so I wrote down the strength training workouts I want to do. Since I do not belong to a gym or own any dumbbells, I have to rely solely on my body to gain strength. I decided to do Julie’s 21-15-9 workout. She put together 6 different exercises that work your whole body and decreases the amount of reps to do each time. I love workouts like this since I mentally feel like if I can get through the highest number of reps then it gets easier. My arms were getting sore about 15 minutes after I finished this workout.

When I finished, I decided to read a bit before dinner. I was pretty hungry and snacked on a peach while doing so. Well not during since I can’t seem to eat a peach without getting juice all over my face but you get what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alex and I were talking about what we wanted to do last night. We decided to go seeย “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”ย 30 minutes before the movie began. Luckily the theater is close to our apartment and wasn’t crowded so we made it just in time. If you like action, comedy, love stories then go see this movie! I often find that movie trailers spoiler all of the funny portions of movies but not this one. I was laughing for so much. If you liked “Deadpool” then I think you would like Ryan Reynold’s character in this movie as well. Plus who doesn’t like Samuel L. Jackson? Alex and I have known each other a little over 11 months and this is the first time we’ve actually seen a movie in theaters which is crazy!

The good thing about seeing a movie at 6:30 pm (and having popcorn for dinner) is that we still had some time to relax at home before bed. I spent the hour or so before getting into bed foam rolling and getting ready for work.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite bodyweight exercise or workout? I’m in need of some ideas to incorporateย into my routine!ย