Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XXIV

Happy Friday! I was honestly surprised that this week went by as fast as it did. I thought it would drag after being off last week but luckily it didn’t. What do you have planned for this weekend? Tomorrow I’m getting an early lunch with a friend in Princeton which will be perfect after a 12 mile run haha. The rest of the weekend is a little up in the air. Bailey is getting spayed today so I expect a low key weekend giving our girl extra love and cuddles.

Before the weekend starts, I want to share some things I’ve been obsessed with this week. Let me know something you’ve been obsessed with in the comments! Have a great weekend 🙂

Peanuts and Cashews


I prefer unsalted or lightly salted nuts while Alex tends to go for salted nuts. Thus why we have a bag of salted peanuts and a bag of unsalted cashews in our cabinet. This week I’ve been mixing them together to get the right mix of nut and salt. It’s been perfect to add to my snacks at work. I put them in a container, shake it up and throw it in my bag.

The Keepers

This show is awesome! I had seen a trailer when it first came out but kind of forgot about it. When we were visiting my family, someone mentioned that it was good so Alex and I tried it out. It does not disappoint! It’s a seven part docu-series that digs into the death of a nun, Sister Cathy, who was murdered in Baltimore. It goes into a potential cover up, the murder of another young women just days after Sister Cathy’s and interviews her former students. If you like true crime then watch this show.

Peanut Butter Cup Halo Top

Peanut Butter Cup Halo Top
Bailey wants in on this stuff too!

Peanut butter and chocolate is my all time favorite flavor combination. You just can’t beat it in my opinion so I was a little nervous to try out this ice cream. Personally I only buy Halo Top when it’s on sale because I can’t justify $5 on a pint of ice cream. They were on sale last week so I grabbed this at the grocery store and it was a fantastic decision. There’s swirls of peanut butter in the ice cream and the flavor is on point.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?


19 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XXIV”

  1. Oh that ice cream looks heavenly! Thanks for sharing about The Keepers- I had been wondering about that show! You always have great recommendations so I’ll have to check this out! Best wishes in your 12 mile run and have a great time with your friend!


    1. The second episode is a little disturbing in terms of subject matter but I’m so excited to finish the series. It’s a good one! Thanks Shannon 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Have you let it sit before eating it? If I eat it straight from the freezer then I don’t like it. Letting it sit on the counter for a bit helps it’s melt/soften and then the texture is more like plain ice cream. It’s a good show!


  2. Halo Top is amazing but I agree, you have to buy it on sale! This week I’m obsessed with preparing for marathon training! It’s been so long since I’ve been on a schedule and I’m excited to get back on one.


    1. Don’t get me wrong, I love normal ice cream but I can’t have a big thing in my freezer! Halo Top is perfect size to keep for me. Having a schedule is amazing! It helps my Type A personality haha


  3. I’ve heard such good things about halo top! I’ve been obsessed with jalapeño cheese on cucumbers this week. I may just turn into this!


    1. I find the texture straight from the freezer ro not be very good. The pint actually says to let it sit out a bit and the texture is like normal ice cream. They also have dairy free options! Jalapeno cheese sounds AMAZING! I love spicy cheese so this would be so good.

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      1. Ooo I didn’t realize halo had dairy free options! I’ll have to look more closely.
        Yes the jalapeño cheddar is good. My mom loves the jalapeño havarti from costco


  4. The peanut butter cup Halo Top is my favorite! I’m not super into Halo Top anymore, but when I was, I bought tons of that flavor and also the red velvet. Have you tried Enlightened ice cream? It’s similar marketing, but I’ve found their ice cream to be even tastier.


  5. I’ve never tried Halo Top, something about the concept seems wrong with me. We have been into having Talenti ice cream lately, really it’s gelato. We had lots of Turkey Hill ice cream when we were at Hershey since it is located in that area, that was good too


    1. I really like Turkey Hill ice cream! It’s super creamy. I was really hesitant about trying Halo Top but since ice cream tends to sit in our freezer for a while, I wanted to get a smaller size then typical ice cream and grabbed this since it was on major sale. As long as you let it sit out a bit then you can’t tell a difference between it and normal ice cream. At least I can’t tell the difference.


  6. LOVE halo top… I am the same way though— I only get it when it’s on sale. Otherwise I just buy light ice cream from Dreyers or Skinny Cow for a nice ice cream sandwich! Cannot wait to watch the Keepers… thank you for the suggestion!


  7. Peanut butter & chocolate peanut butter ice cream is the best! I actually just saw a no-church recipe for homemade peanut butter & chocolate ice cream on Pinterest that I’m dying to try!


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