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20-15-10-5 Resistance Band Leg Workout

Hi friends! Since getting my resistance bands in the mail a few weeks ago, I’ve been experimenting with different ways to use them. One of my favorite circuits that I created is a 20-15-10-5 leg burner.

While it may not seem like much at first glance, I’ve been doing it after speed workouts when my legs are already tired. Doing just 3 seemingly simple exercises really exhausts them. This circuit is easy and can be done anywhere which is perfect with any summer travel that you may have. It could even be done with out the bands if you don’t own any or forget to pack them. Remember to take a break after each round if you need one.

20-15-10-5 Resistance Band Workout

Squat Pulse

Put the band above your knees and place you feet shoulder width apart. Go down to a normal squat. Instead of coming back up, slightly pulse up and down a few inches once. After the pulse go back to standing normally.

Lateral Squat Walk

With the band above your knees, get into a light squat position. Your left leg steps to the side and your right leg comes following behind. Repeat the set number of reps then switch so the right leg is the leading leg.

Walking Lunges

Place the band around your ankles and stand feet together. Step forward with your your right leg and bend the left leg behind you. Bring your feet together and repeat.

Question of the day: What’s one of you favorite exercises for legs?

16 thoughts on “20-15-10-5 Resistance Band Leg Workout”

  1. Ooh that sounds similar to the killer leg workout I did with Lyndsay last week. It doesn’t take many when you’re using that red band!


      1. Yes! Lyndsay and I both feel those exercises the second go round and it doesn’t seem like you should, but you do!!!


  2. I may have to get myself a set of these! I work inside all summer so I think I could probably use these on my lunch break to squeeze in a quick workout! Typically I just do some weighted squats and some other weight machines at the gym. I always have the thought that running is enough but I know it’s not!


    1. That’s exactly how I am! Yes it sucks to be out running for an hour or more than feel like you have to keep going. These bands weer pretty cheap and I have no complaints with them!


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