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A Hot, Humid, And Hilly Run

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a great Monday. I’m just going to jump right in this morning. Have a great day 🙂


My Dad jokingly made fun of the fact that I have scrambled eggs all the time when I called him for Father’s Day. So naturally I had fried eggs for breakfast actually. Then instead of my usual muffin, I had toast. That was solely due to the fact that I was too lazy to take them out of the freezer and stick them in the fridge on Sunday night.


Alex ended up working from home last minute yesterday so lunch was the two of us and Bailey. I think our little pup was a little confused since we are rarely both home for lunch during the week. It was the perfect midday treat to start off the week.


During lunch, I decided to pack a gym bag with my running clothes. I had to do some hills and decided to try one that I remember from the 5k I did back in September. The town we live in is pretty flat and I didn’t feel like dealing with rush hour traffic to get to a hillier town nearby. Luckily the hill was as I remembered it and worked perfectly. Y’all…it was so dang hot out!! I had 2 easy miles for a warm up and I was so sweaty just from that. Hills are hard enough but man it was hot and humid out. I ended the day with 6 total miles.


After laying in the grass for a few minutes outside Alex’s parents house, I hopped in the car and ran to Costco quickly before heading home. When I got home, I grabbed a much needed shower before starting dinner. We had turkey tacos which hit the spot after that workout. We watched some Billions after eating.


Later on, my sweet tooth starting calling for the ice cream that was in the freezer. When we went to Alex’s coworkers house on Saturday, his oldest daughter asked for chocolate ice cream for dessert. I used this recipe and only added 2-3 tablespoons on cocoa powder. The tub was almost done so after I measured the first tablespoon I just dumped the rest in haha. Making this ice cream was incredibly easy and it tastes amazing. In the bowl, I put some strawberries and a few sprinkles because I can 😉 We watched an episode of The Office and headed to bed.

Question of the day: Is it hot and humid near you?

34 thoughts on “A Hot, Humid, And Hilly Run”

  1. Aw sweet Bailey- I bet she was excited to see you all though and have some company 🙂 Your tacos and bowl of cream cream look delicious! I always love seeing your meals!!! 🙂


  2. I cannot believe you survived a run in that weather! I skipped my run and went to a pond nearby and went swimming, then hit up a very air conditioned spin class haha. I’m gonna brave it today, though, so send me good vibes. I am a MUCH better cold weather runner than a warm weather runner!


  3. looks like you had a good day. I think it was hot and humid everywhere yesterday. the last two days we were crazy hot here and today it’s raining


  4. Today I had a muffin ready to go while reading your post.

    It is DISGUSTINGLY hot and humid this week. I ran in the afternoon yesterday for the first time in a while and suffered for it.


    1. You’re learning haha.

      Yes I know it’s summer so it’s going to be hot and humid but it was HORRIBLE yesterday. I’m dreading my run today as well because it’s still humid out. Why can’t it just be hot and not humid?

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  5. Way to go with that run! I have been really struggling with running in the heat so far this summer… 😦
    That chocolate ice cream looks delicious!


    1. It’s been horrible!! Eventually I’ll get used to the heat but it is kicking my butt right now.
      So good and so easy to make! I honestly want to make some more to keep in the freezer.


  6. Ok you did way better than me! I was supposed to do an easy 40 minute run tonight, but I ended up walking a lot of it because it’s so hot here!


      1. Yup I have to do my 5km tonight and I’ll use you as inspiration not to walk, shouldn’t anyways as it’s so short!


  7. Bailey is getting so big!!! It was crazy hot last weekend at the beach. It’s been hot in Asheville too… but it’s always a bit cooler than the rest of the world up here… so it’s hard to complain.


    1. I know!! It’s crazy how much bigger she’s gotten in just 2 months. The weather has been so weird. It’s spring like and then it’ll be 298643 degrees haha. Hopefully it gets normal summer temps instead of super hot soon though.


  8. That’s so cute how you made the fried eggs instead of the scrambled eggs to change it up, haha. And ohhh my goodness, that ice cream looks GOOOOOD!!! Drooling over here (as I eat my own ice cream, lol). It’s actually SO dry near us right now. My skin is just too dry because there is 0 humidity in the air. Have a great weekend, gf!


    1. Oh yeah, fried over scrambled really switched it up! Plus it was a little faster which was good. Make the ice cream! Honestly it was so incredibly easy and I think it tastes way better than the store bought stuff. Then again, when does something homemade taste worse than something store bought? Summer isn’t supposed to be dry. Hopefully you get a little moisture soon to help your skin out!

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